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I'm Back

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Hi all,
Hope everyone had a super weekend!! I just wanted to pop in before I fall into bed and go into a coma! I LOVE cat shows but holey moley are they draining. It was a 3 hour drive back and we got stuck in some serious trafic. I just finished getting everyone settled and stuff put away. The show was great. All of our cats did very well. I am sure Rene will fill you in on hers as well as Michele. My Household pet did good with a few first place. My alter Munchkin did pretty well, but Rene's star gave him a run for his money. The best part is that my kitten was a hit. She ended up with 3rd best short hair in show. Which makes me very proud!! We all had a good time talking and goofing off. I cant wait till the end of next month for another show!!
I am off to bed now and looking very forward to catching up on the site tomorrow. I hope I did not miss too much!!!
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Welcome home Sandie! Thought of you yesterday, as Squirt was ducking to walk under the ceiling fan. Thought about the lack of depth perception and how he resembled a Munchkin.
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Congratulations, all around. Do winning cats get ribbons or trophies or both?

I don't want to sound stupid, but one thing I have never done is been to; or participated in, a cat show.
I would love to sometime, but if any of my "kids" were to win; I'm sure they would insist on a TIARA That's how spoiled they are. . . . . .:angel2:

I look forward to reading Rene's posts to learn how everyone else did. . . .
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Congratulations! Your cats are just wonderful. No wonder your kitten did so well - if that's the young Munchkin I'm thinking about, Rhianne - she is absolutely georgeous!

Here's a picture from her cat page for those of you who missed it:

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Thank you Anne for posting that. Yes, she is a real doll. So far she has turned out to be pretty close to perfect as far as the Munchkin standard goes. She is also wonderful because she is our baby girl.
TLK....LOL we win ribbons for the cats. Just a brief...cat shows are generally for breeders to establish how good thier lines are. The winner ribbons and status are good for breeders. HOWEVER I show them along with household pets, because it is awsome to show off my cats and be with other cat lovers. The association I show with is VERY wondeful and filled with lots of friendly people who don't snub you.
Boy it's good to be back
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Hi everyone, I had a great time too!
Before I brag - Anne -I have tried three times to order magazines on the site and I can't get into the last part of the order where I finish it up - I am getting frustrated - can you email me personally and I will tell you what I want?

Anyway, my cats also did great - Milo, my household pet, tied for best of the best short-hair household pet - I love Milo. And Michele's Billy got Best of the Best long hair! Sandie and Ken's kitten is absolutely a doll and I know she is going to go very far! My abysinnian Merlot, my oriental Beta and my little white munchkin Star all became champions over the weekend - everyone did really well. I brought Merlot's intended home so she could get used to being here as she is going to have her kittens in my home (after she is bred, of course) and I brought Donna home her favorite color and breed of cat - a show quality Tuxedo Curl! It was a great weekend, except for the hotel - we all had a great time!

If anyone has not been to a cat show, you really should go to one - they are lots of fun and the people become family!
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One thing I have to say about Cat Shows is all of the people are so nice. I have a great time spending time away with my friends and my cats. I brought my Maine Coon Madison and my Household Pet Billy. This was Madison's first show as an adult. He did okay. He didn't get any ribbons but he did get best of breed twice. He beat out a 20lb Maine Coon. Matty is only 1 year old and as soon as he matures he will kick some kitty butt. Billy my household pet usually does good because he is such a mush ball. He is just a love. The only bad thing about the show is Donna couldn't make it and it just wasn't the same without her.

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