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Bengal Kitten Meowing

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We have picked up a bengal kitten from a breeder last week. She is very cute and playfull, eats well. Problem is she moews non-stop, even when playing. I knew bengals are vocal, but non-stop? It is a bit too much.

Are all bengals like that ( meowing nonstop)?

Also we work during the day and the kitten will be home alone for 9-10 hours per day. Is a bengal cat capable of being alone that much. I see that she demands attention.

Thank you
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I have 10 month old Bengal named Zoey and she is a talker. I love it! They are active cats and can get into mischief.

Zoey has 4 brothers and a sister to visit with during the day and she is quite content with that. Maybe you should get your Bengal kitty another kitten to play with.
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We live in appartment complex, so 2 cats is not an option for us.:-(
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Aww she is still a baby and getting used to her surroundings. Give her a chance!

There are other bengal owners on this board, and a Bengal breeder who can give you great advice!

Zoey is my first Bengal cat and I just love this breed!
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It is not normal or usual for bengal kittens to meow non-stop.

Yes, they are vocal (mostly the adults), but not to annoyance. When adult bengals "talk", they want something. Attention, food, play, or just a conversation.

Yep, conversation. Meow and trill back at them and they will enjoy the banter.

Now back to your kitten........

How old is she? If she's younger than 10 weeks she's probably calling for her siblings and mother. 12 weeks and older is the optimum age for kittens to leave for their new homes.

Is she getting plenty to eat? Let her eat as much as she wants.

How is her health? Weight?

Bengal kittens are perfectly capable of adjusting to a 9 to 10 hour work day, but be prepared for a kitten that will be thrilled to see you come home and will want your undivided attention for at least 30 mins after you walk in the door. A 10 minute diversion can be provided by giving her some tasty food. That will allow you a few moments to unwind, change clothes, etc, before she'll want to play.
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