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moving home

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Not sure if this is the right forum or not! Apologies if not and please move to the correct one if needed.

I'm moving house next week and want to know how is best to care for the babies? It's going to be unsettling for them, they have only known this house.

Is it 6 weeks they have to be kept indoors? Do I introduce them to their new garden in short spurts when it's time, and how do I ease the stress of unfamiliar surroundings for them?

Would appreciate any tips.

Thanks, Ash
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I'm not so sure about the outside thing as my cat is basically indoor only (only goes out on a leash and harness)... as for inside though:

I'd pick a room in the new place (a spare bedroom if you'll have one) and make it at least a temporary "cat room" put their food, water, litter, beds, toys in there... having the whole place open to them at once will no doubt be scary to them... so if you keep them in one room for awhile it will give them time to get used to the smells and sounds of the new area... gradually let them out to explore the rest of the place... I did this with Oliver when I first moved back home with my parents - he was confined to my room for quite awhile and I'd bring him downstairs on his leash and harness when the dog was outside playing (the dog is a whole nother factor, which it doesn't sound like you'll have to deal with)... then he'd be allowed out free range while the dog was out - they gradually got used to each others smells and learned to co-habitate.... anyway, even without the dog, when he was first allowed downstairs and all he was scared at all the new places and smells...

So just give them time and don't force them to come out, they will probably hide away at first for awhile, they just need time to acclimate... oh! and I would pick up a feliway diffuser or two to help with the move to the new place (1 in "their" room and one maybe in your main living space... more if you've got several levels)

I'd also put some things that smell like you (and anyone else they're comfortable with) in "their room" - worn t-shirts, used blankets... that will help them feel at home too

Um, I hope that helps!
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I put mine in one Room when we moved here then let them in the other Rooms. I do not know about Outdoors because my Cats are Indoor only.
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I would build/buy a cat enclosure and hook it to the house. It depends on how far you've moved from your old house. Cats are capable of taking off and going back to familiar things. I would think that 6 weeks would be long enough. Maybe you can just take them in the backyard for exploring under supervision and on a harness/leash for awhile.
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Thank you all, that is a big help. We have 3 bedrooms so one for the cats won't be a problem, Minky likes to milk tread on my dressing gown so can put that in there, Indie likes his blanket I made them which he laid on alot when he was poorly it became like a comfort blanket.

GoldenKitty45, we are going to get harnesses and introduce them to their new gardern once the six weeks is up, so thanks for confirming it's a good idea. The new house is much much bigger than the old and there's lots to explore so thats why I was a bit worried, but I will follow the tips, thanks once again.
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It all depends on your cat, really. A friend of mine moved over here (to Ireland) from Canada with her three cats. When they arrived, they left the cats in their cages whilst they put down the litter trays in their permanent spots. They put out the food and water and beds. Then, they let the cats out of the cages and showed them where everything was. They have had no problems (and these cats had just spent 12 hours on planes/in holding and a four hour car drive from Dublin!). If your cats are of a nervous disposition, then obviously the isolation thing would be good, but my friend felt that her cats would deal better with allowing them to learn their own environment in their own time.

No idea about the outdoor thing, but good luck with it all!
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