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Hello from Maine......HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello to all,

I live in Maine and currently have a fixed stray that I got from a shelter (who by the way is the most beautiful cat in the world IMO) whose name is Princess Moon, and I also have a 1yr old female(1/2 MaineCoon Cat) that I took from the home it was in because of the living conditions it was in at 7wks old, I think she has just been nailed by the neighbors full-blooded MaineCoon Cat. I don't know anything about pregnancy for cats, what to look for, how to help. I want her to come through this ok she was the runt of her litter and we have loved and cared for her since we took her, I had planned on getting her fixed next week, but my neighbors cat got out and got into my place while family was walking through the door. This was not planned but I want the kittens to make it. Will someone help, I intend to fix her after her litter is born, because I never intended for her to get pregnant in the first place. I appreciate any help I can get thank you.
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am not very good with this sort of thing! however, on this forum someone will help you am sure of it! but, good luck!
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I suppose all you can do for now, is wait and see. Before a certain time, the vet can't feel them or xray them. If she is pregnant, you will notice that she is eating more, and her nipples will turn bright pink.
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I am hoping you don't mind questions, because I have alot. I think some of them will sound silly, but I have never had a pregnant cat so I don't know what to expect or look for. I guess though all I can do is ask so here goes:

Will she have "morning sickness"?
Does her belly being to droop right off?
Will she be more lovey, or moody?
Will she start to sleep alot?

There are more but this is a good start. Some of them may sound silly like I said but I've always been told there no such thing as a stupid question when you don't know something.

I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. Thank you so much. I will be having her fixed when or if she has her litter. I want her to be as comfortable and healthy as possible.

You are an angel for helping!!!!!!!!!
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I dont have too many answers... but i dont think ive ever heard of cats getting morning sickness.

I'm glad you decided to get her fixed after, thats a great choice.

Good luck! and just remember, mom cat will know what to do above all.
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If she was only "caught" by the neighbors cat once, she may not be pregnant. Cat are induced ovulators so the eggs arent there until after she is stimulated. SO it usually takes a second mating to fetilize the eggs from the first stimulation. Does that make sense? Hope I explained it well.

To answer some of your other questions if she is in fact pregnant.

Yes, some cats will experience morning sickness, but I've never seen it happen myself, however, as a foster mom, I dont receive the moms until they are further along in gestation. Some moms will instead have a lack of appetite in the beginning because of possible nausea.

Their belly does not show in the beginning. In fact, an inexperienced eye will probably not notice any changes until approx the 4th week when they notice the nipples changing. They will "pink up" and the fur will begin to recede from the nipples.

Most expecting moms are more affectionate during their pregnancy. In my experience though, they do go through stages of wanting their tummies rubbed and biting you if you touch their stomach. Moody little girls!

And to answer your last question, yes they will sleep a lot. And eat a lot. As she progresses, you might want to consider changing her diet to kitten food, as this will provide her with the extra calories she will demand.

Good luck and we're here if you have any other questions!
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