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Loss of a cat

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My brother and his wife have lost their beloved "Kona" on friday night. Kona was diagnosed just a few weeks ago with a lung cancer that had spread into her paws. They had taken Kona in for a chemo treatment last week and it seemed Kona responded rather well to treatment. Friday when my brother got home from work poor dear Kona was bleeding profusely from her mouth. They took her to the emergency after hours vet and did the most humane thing possible....Kona crossed the bridge. They had just lost their other cat "Ginger" 6 months ago. They had these cats for 12 years. These cats were their children and their life...the are devastated beyond words. Does anyone know of a good site where I can find good sympathy cards on the loss of a beloved pet?
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We got a couple of cat specific sympathy cards when Andy passed, and they were just Hallmark cards.
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If you are taking about e-cards then is a good place. If you are talking about an actual physical card then look at local pet shops. They have some really nice ones at our Pets Mart store.
I am so sorry for their losses. I lost my beloved Marbles 9 months ago and then lost my beloved Tosh just two months ago. It is so hard to lose them and to lose them so close makes it much harder.
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Originally Posted by Worriedmommy View Post
I lost my beloved Marbles 9 months ago
I know it's totally inappropriate to giggle, but that part of your post jumped out at me.
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Here is a few Sites
I know how terrible they must feel. I had 2 very Sick Cats and 2 Die since last Nov.
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They should also definitely visit this site:
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RIP to Kona...I´m so sorry....
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that helped my SO through his little tigers death!
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I've seen very nice cards in Hallmark stores.
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