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Kittys favourite bottle top

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He still refuses to play with shop bought cat toys. He said they`re for girls, which is fine by Maisie because now she has heaps of toys!

This is his favourite bottle ring. I`m sure if he knew any kittens he`d be saying something like, 'We couldn`t afford toys when I was a kitten. We made do with what we had.'

Make it move mummy!

Ooh, it`s getting closer.


Eeep! It`s got me!

This is his cute face. I don`t see it very often

Must be time for a snooze after that strenous exercise where I didn`t even leave the sofa
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I love his little bit of white on the front paws.

Too manly & wise for "real" cat toys...saves you money!
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Wow he is handsome!! Love his orange colors, his gorgeous eyes, & those little white booties!!
Our boy Sage loves bottle tops & rings too, its the only toy he pretty much plays with.
Kitties sure do have fun with those bottle tops!! Silly kitties!
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oooh wooooooooooooow!
hes tooo adorable
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Wow, he is GORGEOUS!!! Just look at that adorable face and those fantastic eyes!
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He is so cute!
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Awwww he looks so darn cute in those pictures!
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He's such a doll
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What gorgeous pictures!!!!! I love that he plays with the bottle cap ring. Roly is constantly spotted carrying dead socks around the house, and Squeaks favorite toy is anything long and skinny - she's constantly stealing pens off my desk! I think your caption of him telling other kitties about being to poor to afford toys is hilarious!

We can buy them the world and all they want is the box it comes in!
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he is such a handsome boy!

my rb cat sinbad loved to play with those too, he would come running whenever he heard us removing one!
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Kitty says, Thank you for the lovely comments!

Don`t let the cute face fool you. Just this afternoon a friend was telling me what an attitude he has I can`t deny it either
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I heard a year or so ago that pollsters found that the most popular cat toy in the country is the ring off the milk bottle top.
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Those pics are fantastic! I love your artistic take.

Kitty is such a handsome guy, Im sure his attitude suits him well
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