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-R-I-P- Murphy you aren't suffering anymore Xx

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It's been almost been two months since my beautiful, female, orange & white cat was put to sleep. Three months ago is when it all started. She had been missing for three days and I was really worried about her because she never stays away that long. When she finally showed up I ran outside to her and found her covered in dirt and looking really thin. My dog gets along with all our cats but not with this stray one who was there that day. So when my dog ran out after the stray one, Murphy sort of ran away then she just dropped down and had a terrible seizure, thrashing around and chomping her jaws and yowling! We brought her to the vet who examined her and thought, maybe she had eaten poison or got hit by a car. But on further examination he noticed that all her claws were missing and she was severly dehydrated. He then told us one of the most awful things I had ever heard, a PERSON had done this to her! He told us that someone had beaten her or poisoned her. Pulled out all her claws with a pliers. Starved her and locked her up. My whole family was devasted! Who would do such a thing! He gave us antibiotics but the seizures continued, about three of them a day, and everytime she had them, her claws bleed. Mostly she had them when she got a fright, like the dog barking but sometimes just out of the blue. So a couple of days later we brought her back to the vet. He put her on half a phenobarb twice a day to stop the seizures, but they didn't work. So we brought her back. Then she was on three phenobarb a day. But she was so edgy after her ordeal with who ever abused her that everything scared her. So one day she got a fright, had a seizure and after that she wouldn't eat or drink. So back to the vet and he examined her. When he opened her mouth all her teeth were cracked and broken, and her tongue was slit down the middle, like a snakes tongue. The vet said the last fit she had must have been a bad one and her chomping at her jaws must have caused this. She was in so much pain and was so scared that the vet said the best thing for her was to have her put to sleep.

Please keep this story in your mind and tell everyone who cares, she died because someone did that to her and I miss her everyday. She was only two years old.

-R-I-P- Murphy I love you and you are always on my mind Xx
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Oh sorry to hear about your sweet cat Murphy.
Rest in Peace Precious Murphy
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I am so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace, Murphy

Catsare4life, I know this isn't going to take away your pain but just remember that the people who did this to your girl will get theirs in the end there's a nice HOT place in hell just waiting for them!
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oh my. That makes me sick that someone can do that! very sad.. sorry for your loss..
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Thank you all, I just thought I should share the story for her, shes my little angel in heaven now
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Poor, poor Murphy to be the victim of such a heinous crime - sending vibes that the evil one who has done this is already being stopped
That is such a sad, sad haunting story....poor baby - you did the right thing in releasing from her memories and injuries, but my heart aches for you - I cannot even imagine how horrible this has been for your family- so devastating....GracieCat is right -there is a special place in Hell designated for those who do such evil...
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RIP Murphy

I am so sorry this happened to Murphy. There are some horrible people in this world.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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What comes around will go around. I hope those people rot in hell. You did the right thing. So sorry that had to happen.
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Its so awful that a happend
and I live in a rural area?
You would wonder who would do this in a small and close community!
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I'm so sorry for what happened to your cat. Rest in Peace Murphy.
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Thank you
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
What comes around will go around. I hope those people rot in hell.
i sincerely hope that they do. that made me feel sick to my stomach that another human being could do that to a defenceless creature.

i just thank god that you found your precious murphy and that she did not end her life with those monsters.

murphy is a beautiful, chubby, fit and healthy girl across rainbow bridge. she is happy and she is so grateful to you for helping her become this way again.

reading her story has made me cry.

to you and your family.

RIP precious murphy. watch over your family.
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