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Anything in addition to L-Lysine?

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Well right on track, almost 2 weeks after Jordan's last vet trip, he started sneezing this morning. It is partly my fault because I have not been giving his L-Lysine like I should. I started him on it again right away this morning, but is there anything else I can do to try to stop this from becoming a full blow URI, or Herpes flare up?
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My Mattie had this problem when she showed up at our door, almost two years ago now. The vet tried all kinds of eye creams and they only made it worse. Then I read about Lysine and asked him about that. He told me crush one tablet and put it in her food two times a day. I blend it with a little wet food and then add a little dry. She tolerates it very well and it has worked. The best thing you can do is take it serious and decide to do it every day without stopping. I think it will help your cat more than anything if you will do that. Good luck.
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I know I need to get back to giving it to him every day. I have to say after just a couple days of the L-Lysine he is not sneezing any more. I have done this before with good results, but this time he was sneezing so much I thought for sure it was too late. It is amazing to me how well L-Lysine works for him.
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My vet told me to give my kitten colostrum in addition to the L-Lysine to boost the immune system. I found capsules at the health food store and she said to give the same dosage with it as the Lysine.
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My Hunter has herpes too. His opthamologist said it is common for cats with herpes to get flare ups after visiting the vet due to the stress. Stick him in a room with a vaporizer (supervised of course since the vaporizers get hot) or a couple of sessions a day in a steamy bathroom if he needs it. I did this with Hunter when he was a kitten. His eyes are always runny and he has crusts in his nose everyday. Lysine hasn't gotten rid of any of his symptoms but he hasn't had a major outbreak since he was a baby. His nasal crusties go away when he is on antibiotics but come right back as soon as he is off of them. He's also had numerous eye ointments, steroid drops, and antiviral drops. The antiviral drops cut down the runniness slightly but because of his squinting he's rolled his lids so the hairs are irritating his eyes. He's probably going to need surgery if the latest ointment he is on doesn't work.
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