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Feral cat desperate to take 6 week old kitten outside

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I started feeding a feral cat about 6 months ago and gradually over time she became used to my husband and I and would let us stroke her. At that time we had absolutely no money (just moved to a foreign country and had no jobs) to have her spayed and of course as a result she became pregnant.

At the beginning of March she gave birth to a kitten in our spare bedroom (her choice not ours). She was somewhat used to being in the house by that time and had spent several nights here during the winter. She was OK with being inside most of the time (we did let her out several times a day) until she disappeared for 2 days when the kitten was 1 1/2 weeks old. After that we kept her in and she wasn't too bad for several weeks, learnt to use the litter tray etc. Anyway, since the kitten was 6 weeks old she is absolutely desperate to take him outside, I guess she wants to teach him to be a feral cat. She cries all the time, scratches at the windows and doors, paces up and down and won't stay still long enough for the kitten to feed properly. The kitten is starting to wean but doesn't really want to eat much food. Anyway, my husband and I are becoming increasingly desperate about what to do. It seems to be upsetting the kitten as well and now he always finds somewhere to sleep as far away from her as possible.

Is this normal behaviour from a feral mother? We do intend on keeping the kitten and the mother as well if she wants to stay but of course she probably doesn't know this.
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She may be in heat again, or already pregnant (the 2-day absence, remember?). She may want to get the kitten outside to get him away from where she will have the next litter.
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That's my guess as well. Go get her to the vet and spayed ASAP. Remember to do the same for the kitten!
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I agree, I would get her spayed-- and the kitten as well if he is big enough.
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I have made an appointment to get the mother spayed next Thursday (the vet can't do it sooner).

The kitten is only 8 weeks old and the vet says she won't neuter him until 6 months. I was surprised because I thought it could be done sooner. Is 6 months the normal time for neutering?
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the kitten could probably be neutered right now, but some vets have somewhat outdated ideas that the cat has to reach full sexual maturity (usually between 4-6 months) before they can fix them. this notion is changing in the vet community but it will take a while to get to everyone. are there any other vets in the area?

congrats on getting the mom fixed! we took in a stray in a similar situation and she too went into heat before the kittens were weaned. wotta racket!
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