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Foster Grammy!

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In the wee hours of this morning my little foster Momma gave birth to SIX, yes thats right, SIX kittens.

She is a tiny little grey DSH and I knew that she was going to have a large little due to both her size and her length of gestation.

She is already being a very good Momma. I plan on adopting her as we have bonded like crazy!

She has four black kitties and two white kitties.

I hope to maybe get some pics up tonight!
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Congratulations! And it's nice to hear you want to adopt momma, too. (So many times those cute babies find homes, and momma goes back to the shelter.)
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Congratulations! We are adopting one of our current foster moms too! Like whiteforest said, it is so easy for the kittens to find new homes, but not so easy for the poor mamas.

IMO though, it's so easy for the foster meowmies to fall in love with the moms as they are uber affectionate when they're preggo! Too bad we cant keep 'em all!

Have fun with your 6 new ones! Cant wait for pictures.
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White kittens!?! Can't wait for pics!!!
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I have 6 babes, too!
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I've been really deficient in my picture taking! But I finally took some today. The kitties that I thought were going to be solid black look like they make actually turn out to be tabbies. I've noticed strong tabby markings and their front and back legs seem to be getting tipped with white/grey hairs. Not a lot of cutie face shots but I'm so interested in thoughts on coloring.

I just bought a book on feline genetics as I find the whole "guess the daddy" thing fascinating!

They will be two weeks old tomorrow!
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Baby Girl is just so lovely! Her eyes are something. And, well the kittens are perfect. So much cuteness!
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They are all so pretty!!
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fainted from the beauty of mama! [i have a soft spot for the blue kitties, i do!]
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Oh wow Momma kitty is gorgeous Congratulations on the new addition

Those babies are just precious. You are going to have so much fun in the coming weeks.
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