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So long, farewell!

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I must now bid you wonderful folks a fond farewell and return to reality...It's really been fun to spend this week with you! I learned a lot and hope you did too!

If you have more questions, don't forget to check my website, Our free article library was created to be a comprehensive resource on feline health, nutrition, and behavior. I'm always adding to it and updating it. We also have a great email newsletter! (Which I might actually manage to send before the end of the month for a change--it will be a good one this time, lots of important news!)

Love you guys!

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Thanks so much for sharing with us. All of your posts have been informative.
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Thank you for the great advice! It was wonderful having you around this week!

Have fun in your reality world

~ Marian
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We love you too Dr. Jean.
Thank you
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Thank you Dr Jean, it was very informative reading your responses. I will certainly be visiting your website.
Thank you for taking the time to come and visit and answer all of our questions.

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Thanks Dr. Jean! You've been very helpful and I hope you can return to TCS again someday.

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Thank you so much for your insights.
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Thank you Dr. Jean...We love you too.

It has been wonderful to have you here this week. Fantastic information, I have several new things to try with the kitties.

Happy Headbutts from Zoe, Tweety, Conan, Izzy, Lola, Pumpkin and Stomper Tom
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Thank You for your Advice and Help.
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Thank you so much, Dr Jean!

This was a great forum and Your posts were a delight to read, both in content and tone - and so very helpful! I am sure that the archived version will help many a cat owners for years to come!
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Thanks so much for being here!

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Thank you Dr. Jean!! Hope to see you on here again someday
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A sincere THANK YOU Dr Jean
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Thank you so much for joining us, Dr. Jean! I've really enjoyed and appreciated your contributions here, and will certainly be checking out more articles at your site.
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Thank You!!!!!
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Thank you so much for all your shared wisdom!
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Thank you for your help and advice!
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Thank you for your advice!!!!!!
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I am not locking down the forum for further posting. It will remain archived along with the other expert forums, so everyone can come back and read these excellent threads!
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