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Cat Sleeps On His Back

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My Nacho loves getting on his favourite chair and sleeps on his back ie paws in the air.I am curious as to why he does this.
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As my dad often says about anything funny the animals do: "If it feels good, I do it!"

And that's probably the case, he probably just feels comfortable that way... my cat, Oliver on the other hand, is very protective of his belly (he likes to get into good games of bunnykicking), so I know he's waaaaay relaxed and deep asleep when he turns over on his back

My dog (black lab) used to roll on to her back and when you scratched her belly she'd stretch her arms and legs out and then just stay there til she fell asleep and rolled over... now that she's 14 it's hard for her to do all that, but she still loves the belly rubs
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It sounds like Nacho is very relaxed and feels safe in your home. Both my boys occasionally sleep on their backs. Nervous animals are more likely to protect their bellies, but ones that feels safe will sleep in whatever position feels comfortable. Zek even likes to sleep stretched out on the bed, belly in the air, like a little person.
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Hennessy sleeps on his back in my bed (and is doing so right now, as a matter of fact) but he only really likes to do so when I'm in bed with him, it seems.

I suppose any other room in the house and there's the dog to worry about.

Awww lookit his little tail quiver... wonder what he's dreaming about...
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Mouse was a back sleeper. so is Chip!
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My Maddox does that and I think it's just the cutest thing!
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Both of our half-Abys do that... they look utterly ridiculous but SO cute.

I agree it's a safety/comfort thing -- our boy has done it nearly from the day we got him, but it took the girl (who is much more skittish) nearly 6 months to get comfy enough to start passing out on her back.
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Bijou often sleeps like that.
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Jack sleeps on his back quite often as well
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My Zane sleeps on his back all the time. If you say his name--ZANE!--his tail will twitch.
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Persil often sleeps like that, and Bonaparte does sometimes. They do look ridiculous.
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Milly does it too, how adorable is it! I just thought she was relaxed/in a deep sleep.
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yep, mine does it too!
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Luvbug does that too. It is sooooo cute. Plus he has a smile on his face while he does it.
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My boy sleeps on his back (notice it more in warmer weather), but haven't seen my girl do it. It is just adorable, isn't it?
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