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Should we get another cat? (Sorry so long)

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Hi everyone! We have a 3 year old Torti. She is a very "special" kitty She is very loving to us and people that she knows well. When guests come over she hides until they've been there a while. She has lots of little "issues" she refuses to drink water from a bowl, it has to be in a glass or the sink. She hates the dog but we catch her kissing him and rubbing her head on his legs when no one is looking We had a 105 lb german shepherd and she would smack him the face on a daily basis, she isn't afraid of much. We also got a puppy who drives her crazy and she never backs down from him. Basically she is a wonderful loving kitty with a major attitude problem from time to time

I have been thinking of getting another cat. I don't feel that she "needs" one. I think she's perfectly happy being the only cat around here. But there are some adults at a local shelter who are so sweet and beautiful. We see them each week when we take our dog to "school" at PetSmart. I would love to be able to rescue one of them .

Apple was a rescue, she went from living on the streets and having no food to living pretty much like royalty, I'd love to give another kitty the sort of comfort and love she's known.

But, I don't want to traumatize Apple. When our german shepherd died she had a very hard time. She started pooping in our bed She also had a hard time adjusting to our new dog at first.

What is your advise?

She is a 3 year old female torti. If we do rescue what should we get? I had Apple declawed when I got her. I am not willing to do this again though. So if we adopt I think I need to find a cat that is already declawed.

Sorry for rambling on and on. I know you guys have lots of great advise so I knew you'd have the right answer!

Thanks in advance!
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If you don't think your cat really needs a buddy then I think you got your answer. She had a hard enough with with the new puppy, I wouldn't traumatize her anymore. For now anyways, in the future things may be different. Also you absolutely don't need to get another declawed cat, clawed and declawed can live perfectly well together. I have known multiple households with both and the declawed cats seem to rule the house and be the toughest out of all of them!
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Think of it this way - even if you get another cat, what's going to happen the next time you pass the shelter? There will always be more and they'll always look pathetic, but you need to consider what's best for your household, and while a young male (much better than another female) might 'work out' for a while, they tend to try and dominate females as time goes on and you'll have a new problem. I mean, if you have a really big place and lots of time, patience and money, then I suppose you could take on 5-10 cats and really feel you've made a difference (still a drop in the bucket though), but in real life, every one you take in can be another potential load of trouble, so unless you really think it's important (like your poor cat has nothing else to do all day long - asleep or otherwise, and is crying for another cat - they do that) I wouldn't do it.
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Well thank you both for your advise.

We do have a large home and certainly financially afford another animal (otherwise we would never have considered it). I have a business which I operate out of our home therefore I spend plenty of time with the animals we already have, patience would also not be an issue.

When I adopted our 3 year old cat she was 5 months old, she weighed less than a "healthy 8 week old" should and was very sick. I spent hundreds of dollars to get her healthy, and it was worth every penny. She is now a very healthy, happy, comfortable, and loved animal. I realize that adopting *one* more cat is only "a drop in the bucket" but it makes all the difference in that one cat's life.

We just wanted to get some advise because we wanted to make an informed decision before we open our home to another animal in need. We donate money to the local shelter, and have even fostered animals, but we wanted to get some opinions from those with a similar experience before adopting again.

Again, thanks.
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if you do decide to get another, i agree w/the clawed/declawed statement. i have 2 that are declawed & 3 that are not. doesn't seem to be an issue.
also, take the introductions slow - read this article for suggestions: i'd like you to meet... introducing cats.
Welcome to TCS!
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Have you considered fostering? If you're not sure how Apple would react to another cat, this could be a nice alternative to see how she takes to being in a household with more than one feline.
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