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cat on diet

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My 3 year old Devon Rex, needs to go on a diet. Her vet says she is obese at 11.10 lbs. I've stopped free feeding her and changed that to 3 meals a day of dry food. All meals total 1/4 cup. I was told to only feed 1/8 cup per day, but that seems so little. She's been on her diet four days now and has lost 5 oz.

I was wondering if you gals (or guys ) can share dieting stories and if it was successful.

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5 oz in four days is ALOT ... Please call and talk to the vet again...

what wt should she be???
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Man...I would think that it would be at least 1/4 cup at each feeding! Two ounces of food total per day sounds like starvation to me.
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The vet thinks she should be 9 lbs. I'm not sure if my scale is accurate as the one at the vet office. I've been weighing myself and then holding her and subtracting my weight and that's how I got her weight. I'm also having a problem because my other two cats are eating her dry food. It's as if they know she's on a diet because before they nibble here and there but now they're eating more of her food. I started feeding her 1/3 cup twice a day because the bag says a 9 lb cat should eat 2/3 cup. I'm calling the vet this morning to see what the doctor thinks.
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OMG that's at least TWICE the weight she should weigh. Devons and Cornish should only be around the 6-8 lbs mark.
What kind of food are you feeding? I'm guessing you were free feeding her? The breeder should have told you that rexes will eat 24/7 and get fat fast.

Give her dry food twice a day. Split the 1/4 cup in half. And if she will eat green beans, give her some of them to help reduce her weight. Also you need to EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE to help get it off.

Rexes are con artists - they try to make you think they are starving.

You might want to consider substituting a dry meal for a 1/4 can of canned food (6 oz size). That will help fill her up. Be sure its only about 2 teaspoons of food.
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I know what you mean , I have 3 con artist and 2 are Cornish and 1 Devon rex. The Cornish are boys and weigh 6 and 8 lbs. They both eat wet food and act like they need more all the time. My Devon was free fed and that has stopped 4 days ago. I was told that they would eat and eat but because the boys are nice and trim I thought it was okay. She only started gaining weight in the last year because before that she would vomit all the time and the only food she wouldn't vomit on is Purina One sensitive systems. She will not eat wet food and I gave up trying because we are gone alot. She does run around with the other cats and can jump in high places even with her round body. I just told my sons to play with her more and hopefully the weight will start coming off. Do you think 2/3 cup is too much for all 3 kitties? The boys just snack and probaly will eat half of that.
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Personally I'd separate the rexes and watch how much they are eating. I bred Cornish and was careful to monitor how much each was eating. If needed, one or two would be caged so they would not steal the other's food.

Most times they all ate about the same pace and therefore didn't have too much stealing from other's plates
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My Speedboat was put on prescription food because of urinary issues. The vet thought it would help him to weigh less. He eats R/D dry food two times a day, 1/3 cup each feeding. He lost five to six lbs over a good period of time, not quickly. It is dangerous for cats to lose weight too fast because it can cause other problems. Talk to your vet again.
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