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Window madness

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Parker my 7 month old male kitten loves to sit in the window, and I won't even get started on the condition of the mini blinds in my bedroom . But because of this we recently tried to take him out on a leash, I thought maybe that he wanted to go outside and found out I was wrong. That ended with many scratches and even though he is neutered the smell of cat pee in our apartment hall. So we decided that no harm is being done by him sitting in the window. Still we are concerned that he may fall out or that a large bird as in a eagle or a hawk might be able to get through the screen and get him. Is this irrational? or am I right to worry?

p.s. my boyfriend doesn't believe that the cat pee smell in the hallway of our apartment is from Parker. Still it has never been there before and when I open the door to the apartment and he happens to venture into the hallway he lays down and drags his body around. I swear when he does this I smell cat pee but he is never wet? anything advice would be helpful

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Cats watching the outside from the window is very natural and good. Yes, you need to make sure your screen is secure, but I wouldn't worry about hawks or other birds of prey.

In an apartment I was in, we had window air conditioners, and one of my cats learned how to climb through the poorly installed panel on top of the window air conditioner, and to stand on the air conditioner outside, on the second floor. That was very scary, and I did fix it. But secure screens (not scratched out of existence) are actually pretty good.
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