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Cats sitting on each others heads?

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I notice that when my cats are playing, and the play becomes aggressive, they have a wierd ritual.

One cat will fight untill the other cat is laying close to the ground in a defensive position, then the first cat will turn around so his rear is facing the other cats face, and proceed to squat on the other cat's head. This REALLY ticks off the other cat who usually jumps up scowling, and walks off with his ears back and tail swishing. The winning cat then either attemps to taunt the other cat further, or proudly walks away.

Is this some form of disrespect in cat language? It seems to be the equivelant of flipping somebody the bird, or telling them to kiss your rear, by the level of reaction they give. I don't think I ever see them get that angry over anything else. Has anyone else seen thier cats do this?
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The only thing I have read about this behavior is that it keeps thier face away from the other cat. I see it more in play fighting than actual fighting.
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They sound just like my 2 babies....Fluffy my younger one is way smaller than Rocky still, and she is the one who starts it all the time....I get a kick out of watching them...in the beginning though when we first got her..(3 weeks ago), Rocky was pretty rough with her so we hd to get the water bottle out..it seemed to do the trick...at our house we call it free entertainment because you don't have to pay a dime, and you could laugh for hours..
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Our baby kitten does this to the other cats all the time, as well as to us (except to our feet) and to her toys as well. Standing on something or someone with her back feet is a total obsession with her, especially during fighting or playing. The other cats like it about as much as you would expect (ie. not much), but don't get all in a huff like yours seem to. Maybe your standees just really hate it...
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