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Omd something Scary just happened to my Sisters Bf!!!

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He was sitting in a Chair and had some kind of Seizure.
This is her Im. bad_kitty2001: omg
bad_kitty2001: was that seizure
bad_kitty2001: where are you
bad_kitty2001: hello
bad_kitty2001: please come back
This has never happened before. She said his eyes rolled back and he twitched and is scraped now. She tried to call 911 but her
Cell went to the Chp for some reason. He woke up and was all confused. He is refusing to go to the Er. I said force him to go now.
I am waiting for her to call back.
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Wow, that doesn't sound good. Vibes that things will turn out ok
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omg noooot good!, ER nooooooooow!
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He needs to go to the ER NOW!! They need to be sure he didn't have a stroke or something!

Does he have a history of siezures?

for him!
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Is he a diabetic?? Ow wow! That would be scary. I hope everything is alright!
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No no History of anything like that. I am waiting for her to call back. I hope he is ok.
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I have heard that if you suspect a stroke, you should take regular aspirin and call 911.

Sounds like it might be what is called a TIE, Transient Ischemic Episode. But he should see a doctor right away.

Unless, of course, he has a lot of life insurance and she is the beneficiary.
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it could have been a number of things get badkitty too tell him it could be
epilepsy,diabetes i know even brain tumours and strokes cause seizures these are just a few of them!
please update us!
:vi bes:to him and your sister sh must be sooo panicked!
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I told her already. I think she might have been Crying. He is only 27 too. I also said it could be the Meds he is on. I know how she feels I had to call 911 for my Husband when he fainted. it turned out to be Leukemia.
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If he won't go to the ER, she calls an ambulance. No choice.
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He needs to be checked before any of the residual effects may fade. It could have been a nonepileptic seizure, there are several things that can cause them - one being drug use (illegal and legal -like antidepressants) or withdrawals, another kind can be linked to fainting/autonomic problems.
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He should definitely see a doctor within a few days, or just have your sister call 911. Seizures are nothing to mess around with. Sending good vibes to you guys
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OMG I hope he's ok... if he won't willingly go to the ER, she needs to call 911 again - they have policy that they like have to come out and see what's up even for a hang up. That's nothing to just brush off
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Guys get scared and go into denial.
He needs to be checked out, whether it was a seizure or a TIA. Early treatment can prevent problems. It can be a one time event, but just in case....
Post-seizure or stroke, the patient is not thinking as clearly as normal. He can refuse to go with the paramedics, but they will do a great job in convincing him to go. Remember that there is no charge if he isn't transported, so call them. Worst case, they will just check him over and leave.
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He did not go to the Dr. He went Home and my Sister is still trying to get him to go. She was really scared. We had to go somewhere tonight. My Sister is going back to his place rigt now to make sure he isnt worse. I told call 911 no matter what if it happnes again. His Mom gave him a choice about going. Sometimes men are so stupid. The good thing is my Sister is getting a landline tomorrow so the call we go through. The 911 wont work from her Cell for some reason she tried. He is hurt to. His head was bleeding.
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Originally Posted by Mom of 4 View Post
Guys get scared and go into denial.
Women do it too.... It took me nearly 5 years of regularly falling and other symptoms to actually get a diagnoses. To be fair, I first tried in March of 2007 but my regular doctor was stumped. It took me mentioning chest tightness and pain to get an EKG - which I failed and scared the doc with. (it was funny because he was more upset than I was )

mews2much - If your sister's boyfriend has another incident of this tell her she needs to hurry and get him down to the floor so he won't hurt himself. It might help if you forward her some information on what to do when a person has a seizure, just so she won't panic so much.
As for his head, he might have a bit of a concussion - which could account for his confusion (of course waking up on the floor when you weren't there a minute ago is confusing enough). Head wounds, even little scratches, tend to bleed quite a bit and look worse than they may really be.
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I did tell her what to do. I have friends with epilepsy. She said he made fists when it happened too and stuff came out of his mouth. Anothrt bad thing is he has no phone in his place. I told her she might need to stay at his place overnight. His Mom told my Sister he had a Siezer when he was 6 Months old but they never found out why. He yelled at my sister and still refuses to go.
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My Sister just told me he drank a Drink called Monster Khoas before it happened.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
My Sister just told me he drank a Drink called Monster Khoas before it happened.
Hmm, found this for ingredients.

"Each can contains 70% real juice. Serving Size: 8 FL OZ; Servings per container: 2; Amount per serving: Calories 90; Total carb: 21g; Sugars 21g; Vitamin A: 6%; Vitamin C: 100%; Thiamine: 4%; Riboflavin: 100%; Niacin: 100%; Vitamin B6: 100%; Vitamin B12: 100%; Calcium: 3%; Sodium: 1%; Taurine: 1000mg; Panax Ginseng: 200mg; Energy Blend: 2500mg (Glucose, caffeine, guarana L-carnitine, glucuronolactone, inositol, maltodextrin"

The listed glucose, glucuronolactone, and maltodextrin (along with the carbs and sugar) makes me wonder if it could have been blood sugar related?

And in reference to the guarana - (It mentioned onset of seizures in some, best to double check that else where for more reliable information.)
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She was just at his place and called me. He told her he was shaky for over 30 Minutes before it happened. I really wonder if it was that drink. He says he feels ok now. I would still go to teh Dr though because we do not know if it was teh Drink that caused it or not. I am searching for side effects from that kind of drink.
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There was a thread on here not to long about about energy drinks. Shakiness definitely sounds like it could be linked to it. I hope he can be convinced to go to a doctor soon and preferably be more discerning about what he eats and drinks.
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I sure hope so too
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The drink may have triggered something that he was already prone to -- which might be a blessing in disguise, since now he can be properly diagnosed. He has to see a doctor... and he may realize it himself, when he's thinking more clearly.

I hope she took all those blasted "energy" drinks out of his apartment!
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The same thing happened to me and my brother.

Almost 3 years ago my family and I were visiting family. I was walking around the bed and tripped on the leg of the bed. I fell REALLY hard on my knees. The instant I fell I started feeling very dizzy and light headed. The next think I knew I was waking up with everyone standing around me acting really scared. I didnt know why. I found out that I fainted and had a GRAND MAUL seizure!!!!!!! They wanted to call 911, but I talked them out of it (I know I should have gone, but I was SOOOOO embarassed and I didnt want any more commotion because of me). I think it happened because I fell SOOOOO hard on my knees that the fall sent my body into shock. I havent had ANY problems since.

My brother and dad both LOVE going to airports to watch planes land and take off. One day about 2 and a half years ago, they were at the airport watching planes and my brother all of a sudden had a grand mal seizure. He was rushed to the ER. They ran ALOT of test and found out that he had a proplem with his brain. He hasnt had any more grand maul seizures (but the doctors say that it is likley that he will have more), but he has many mini seizures everyday. He continues to have problems to this day. And he will continue to have problems the rest of his life. The problems didnt happen because of the grand mal seizure, he has had this problem his whole life. We just didnt know it untill he had the seizure.
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I wonder if it was the drink or is he going to have problems now.
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It was hers and he took one. I said get rid of all of them.
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Thank you to everyone who responded to this post. Here is the full story. My bf likes to force himself to stay up all night and not have any sleep at all. Last night he stayed up and we were staying at my apt. He watched a lot of tv because he has issues sleeping at my place. I woke up and he was still awake. I went to drink a slim fast and thought one was missing so I asked if he had taken one and he said no. I sat on the couch with my laptop while he continued to watch tv and asked him if he got any sleep at all. I told him it's bad to stay up so long.

He is usually a goofy character and we were watching a kinda bloody show and when my air freshener poofed, that's when he started shaking and fell out of the chair onto my living room carpet. I told him to knock it off and he stopped shaking for a min but it started again so I again told him to knock it off and started looking at him. I couldn't tell if he was messing with me or not. I kept yelling his name and he said nothing, his hands were clenched in fists and he had some spit coming out of his mouth. His eyes were kinda rolled into the back of his head.

I saw blood on his face and that's when I really started to freak out. From a cell phone, calling 911 goes to the CHP. It just kept ringing and ringing so I hung up and checked on him. I tried calling his mom but she didn't answer. I again tried to call 911 and got it rang and then after a while told me that all operators were busy! Great!

At that moment I saw that he was coming too. First thing he said to me was that he was confused. He started to get a bloody nose so I ran and got him some tissues. He tried to get up but I told him to stay down. I tried asking him some questions about what just happened and he just kept saying what? He has rug burn on his forehead and right between his eyes. He yelled at me when I told him he needed to see a dr but there was no way that I could force him. I dropped him off at home and called his mom and she went to go see him.

I had somewhere I needed to be and after that I went straight to his house. He seems ok, besides the rug burn on his face. He explained to me what happened in his eyes. One second he was in the chair, the next he was on the floor. I told him what I saw and told him it was about 5 minutes. This is when he brings up me asking him about taking a slimfast. He said I told you I didn't take a slimfast but......I did take an energy drink.

He told me he had been shaky for a while before he fell. I told him that sometimes the energy drinks make me shaky and that I don't like to drink them. I am wondering if the fact that he was so sleep deprived and that he had a tall can energy drink, might have made his body react. Maybe he was overloaded with the caffeine and other elements of the drink. I am not sure but I do know that was the scariest thing to witness. I am still going to try to convince him to see a dr.
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It is very well likely it was the energy drink. Those thing can be fatal in some cases. Whe is he so afraid to go to the doctor?
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
It is very well likely it was the energy drink. Those thing can be fatal in some cases. Whe is he so afraid to go to the doctor?
He has social anxiety so going to the dr is pretty scary for him. I am going to try to convince him though. I already told him if it was me it happened to, I'm sure he would make sure I ended up at the dr.
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