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A scary experience today..

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Well it was for me anyways maybe not others. I was cleaning the house and getting ready to vacuum the floors and the boys were playing in the room. Well the boys come running out of the room saying someone was trying to pull down a tree by our trailer. So I go to the window and sure enough the neighbors from the 3 trailers down was outside with some friends with a blazer and had a tow rope tied to the tree and attached to the truck trying to yank down a 20 something foot pine tree less then 3 feet from my trailer. So I go to the window and yell what heck (not those terms) are you doing. And leave to window to call my landlord and get my camera. Well by the time I got back they had untied the rope made a bee line out of the park. So I did not get to take pictures of them in the act tho me and all my kids saw this and know who they are. But I did take pictures of the tree and the ruts they left from trying to get the tree with the truck. The landlord said he is going to talk to them and see what the heck they were thinking. And told me to keep the pictures.

And whats worse they laughed when I yelled at them. I think the only reason why they were down here doing that is because they thought no one was home and they would not get caught. I was this close to calling the cops because on the remote chance it would have come down I could have landed on the end my kids room is on. Some people are just not that bright. I can't wait to be out of this park (hopefully in one year) or they move out.
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What were they thinking???
We cut down trees on our property here and up at the farm and would NEVER think of doing something so foolish. They might have broke it off and besides falling on your trailer it most likely would have fallen on their vehicle and seriously injyred them.

Hoping your heartrate is back to normal!!
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Thank goodness they left before doing damage and harm I hope that one way or another, you lose those moronic neighbors....and Heaven help their next neighbors
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