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~Eeeeek a mouse....~

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OMG last night Pepper the cat was acting... weird. Pouncing, playing, but it didn't look "normal". I couldn't explain it.
Later Max the cat is playing with something. Reaching his paw out...batting at something... kinda weird but ok... well I look and I see a MOUSE (or was it a shrew)!!! It was almost, not quite dead... *shutter*.
The poor thing didn't have a chance! All 3 cats love things that move....
Darren threw it away and the cats seemed normal again... I still have the willies... Im not big on mice or spiders or bugs.
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Better set some traps. There's never "just one". Peanut butter makes the best bait.
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We think it came in through the garage.... as we leave the door open for the cats....
We now think thats why Milo sometimes scratches on the wall in the middle of the night... she is hearing these shrews or whatever they are....
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ewwww my mom has a mouse in her house. I haven't had any! I think my outside guys do a good job. Or the mice are smart enough not to come anywhere near my inside kitties.
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Ewww! It does give me willies!! Jude caught the mole from the basement when we first moved in two years ago. Mole and mouse looks so alike anyway! Eww~ I haven't seen moles since now. Jude is our watchout night. :LOL: Tavish does that but Tavish likes to take his time but Jude likes to hurry up catching it.
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