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Party Costume Pictures

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Okay so some of you guys saw my thread before about costume help and asked that i posted pics of the finish product! So here ya go! (sorry if the pics are kinda big!)
Full shot of the front (And yes that is a Nerf tommy gun )

And the back with my awesome tail

A good shot of the gun garters I made

And just a goofy shot with myself and one of my bestest friends!

And last but not least: The rock band shot:

Hope you liked them!
Thanks to everyone that gave me advise on the costume!
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Great costume! And that looks like so much fun!! I love theme parties!
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Aw it turned out great! Love it!
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love the costume reminds me of bugsy malone
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Talk about costumes!

Last weekend we went to Scarborough Faire, the locale renaissance fair. One big costume party!
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Very cool
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Very nice! You did a great job! I still would have gone the pasties and tassels though, just for the shock effect
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I'm glad everyone liked it! I was pretty happy with the way it turned out! I just wish I hadnt worn my bra under it but I didnt want to bust out or something while drinking... LOL that would have been bad!

But it was a great party theme! I would highly recommend it!
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