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My Cats Tongue

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As of the last couple weeks, my cat's tongue has been constantly sticking out..sometimes just visible and sometimes a 1/4 inch or more, but always showing. She is six years old and has never done this before. She is fixed and seems to be in good health. Any Ideas to why she does this would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi DonLuigi and Welcome!

i got a chance to surf the net a little to find out more about your kitty problem.

i hope you check out this website :


From the Q and A at the above site, it seems like this is not a usual behavior, and most probably a vet visit is in order.

Wishing speeding recovery for your furbaby , DonLuigi!

Cheers and take care!
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Thank you for the info...your kitties are adorable...I guess a vet would be my best bet..Thanks again

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Don- the tongue sticking out if it is a new behavior should be checked,but some cats just do this, but if there is drooling associated with it, then it could be something serious like a bad tooth, infected gums or virus. I would be thinking there has been some sort of mouth injury perhaps? Good luck!
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My kitty babies thank you.

i would like to know your kitty progress, DonLuigi.

Thanks and Smiles!
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I sometimes catch Loki with his tongue out abt a 1/4 inch or so right after cleaning or when he hit a spot that did not appeal to his taste - like he was saying YUCK! He's done this for as long as I can remember and it s actually quite funny! But in your case, epecially since this is new behavior I would have it checked!
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Thanks to all who replied...a trip to the Vet with Jazz is on my list...I'll be sure to post the outcome. The black one is Jazz (Jasmine) The other is Mona...she's a Hemmingway cat with 26 toes!

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