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New to forum & cats...

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Hi everyone,

I just joined this forum after finding it while doing some background research on cats. I am currently searching for my first cat (ever) and have been reading and researching for quite some time now. I found a cat named Sterling via PetFinder and am going to go and see him tomorrow afternoon, so I am very excited about this!

While I am new to having a cat of my own, I'm not new to animals... I have a regular zoo at my house and am more than happy living this way. Single and planning to stay this way for the forseeable future (I've yet to meet anyone who really understands how I roll). My biggest hobbies are aquarium keeping and also herp keeping (reptiles and amphibians). I maintain about 300 gallon of fresh and salt water aquariums (many of which are in my high school classroom) and several dozen herps, ranging from corn snakes to turtles to giant african bullfrogs. I am currently a moderator on the fish forums at, or Fish Geeks.

When I am not engaged in something related to maintaing my zoo (which is rare) I enjoy being outside, working on my garden, reading (mostly about animals, but some ficitional stuff as well) and taking pictures (again, mostly of my critters).

Like I said... I am brand new to cats but feel somewhat ready to go. I still have questions about diet and training (I have two pet birds that I want him to stay away from, but he is already living in a home with birds and his foster mom says he is really good about leaving them alone... when you are in the room with him!) along with other miscellaneous topics. Any suggestions and tips will be more than appreciated!

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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to TCS! You will fit right in here. Can't wait to see pictures of your new cat and other critters
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So are you a highschool student, or teacher?

I'm sure you've studied up on cats, but they can be very puzzling to anyone who is used to most other domestic animals. They have some skills (hearing, particularly) that are just amazing, but they are the only animals every domesticated that are not naturally herd or pack animals. As such, they bond to humans differently but in a very real sense.

Ask any question that occurs to you; I think everyone here likes talking about cats.
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Hi and welcome to TCS
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Welcome to TCS!

Hope to see kitty pictures sometime!

See you around the forums.
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There are pics of all my critters on my website. I usually put it in my signature, but I have not figured out how to make one here yet.

This is the cat I am going to visit tomorrow. Sterling AKA Bud
I am glad to have found a busy site devoted to cats.
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Did you notice that I have a Sterling, too?
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Welcome to TheCatSite Hyp
I am so glad that you have joined our wonderful community of caring people who love animals. Please make yourself at home.

As you learn your way around our site, if you have questions, I would be happy to help you. Feel free to contact me by clicking on my user name, then send a Private Message. I will get back to you asap.
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Welcome!!!! I'm so excited to hear more about you and your zoo! I spend a lot of my time in the "Cats and Other Animals" forum here on TCS. I know you will love visiting there. There's a lot of others on here that enjoy photography, mostly of cats and animals I'm like to try, but can't say I'm very good!
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Originally Posted by Hypancistrus View Post
There are pics of all my critters on my website. I usually put it in my signature, but I have not figured out how to make one here yet.

This is the cat I am going to visit tomorrow. Sterling AKA Bud
I am glad to have found a busy site devoted to cats.
aww, great picture's!

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Hello & welcome to tcs. You sure have a lot to look after. Looked at your web site, the reptiles are very pretty. Bud is gorgeous, grey cats are my favorites.
I have a new Border Collie puppy, my son's dog Sooty, my cat Blossom & 2 mice. My sons have a childrens python named Spirit, a water dragon & tropical fish.
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Hi! You have found the best cat site around!

We have a lot of support and advice to give here. Our members are always ready and willing to help you or just chat with you. We also have a game called KatKwiz (cat quiz), designed for newcomers just like yourself, which teaches you things about The Cat Site and also allows you to win lots of points. (It also teaches you what points are.) Just click on the here link below to learn more. Glad you decided to join us!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Hello & Welcome to the Cat Site!

Look forward to hearing more about your zoo
Hope to see photos of your new kitty someday too!

Best Wishes! Enjoy the forums
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Well I met him today and he is beautiful! He is truly the most silver cat I have ever seen. Very shy, but I brushed him and he rolled over on his back so I could get his belly! His two people are bringing him to visit on Friday. I am hoping my Golden Retriever will behave himself and not jump on him. He is usually pretty good about behaving with cats. He has been around a few of my friends cats... mostly just follows them around and licks their heads when he can.

Any other tips on introducing dogs and cats who have never lived together?
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Hi, Hyp!

Great to see you here! This is a great site full of wonderful people. I can't wait too see some pics of Sterling. Good luck with the introductions to Riley!
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