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Cat Show Picture

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That looks horrible and I have no idea if this is common practise. The cat looks like it's screaming in pain!

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Ouch is right! That looks like the kitty is not having a good day.
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Surely this is NOT the method for judging a cat? At least i hope it is NOT!

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Poor kitty! I don't like that one bit! How can we get in touch with that woman and tell her not to pick up her cat by it's skin!
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What could they be possibly judging from holding a cat up by its skin?? Seems like a very cruel thing to do...
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I just did a pretty extensive internet search and the pictures I found of Sphynx cat shows in the United States do not show this, nor do they judge the skin by anything other than how many wrinkles it has- so perhaps this is a cultural thing over in Russia?
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awww poor kitty

Sidenote: all love all cats...but prefer mine to have visable fur!
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I'm not too keen about butt-naked cats, myself. I've been to cat shows and have never seen a judge do that.
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I don't like what she did,nor do I like that cat!But she should.t have picked it up that way!
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Ouchie.. I dont like the way the judges do to the innonect cats..
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ack thats mean!
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How horrible!!!

I wonder how that lady would like to be picked up off the floor solely by her skin
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How uncomfortable! Put that kitty down right now!
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That is not how judges any where judge cats. The lady is holding HER cat that way but that is her choice. When judges look at or handle a cat they pick them up themselves. This lady may have been doing htis if she saw a camera or something just for shock value. But please dont think this happens routinly at cat shows.
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I have never seen this at cat shows, I have asked breeders about it in Usa and they also say no.

That is so cruel, I would like to slap that lady right on her face! And then run away with her cat. I've always wanted a sphynx.
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I keep hearing that cuddling with a Sphynx is like snuggling a hot water bottle... I would like to test that out! Poor baby, let's hope that sort of behavior is aberrant.
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Thanks Denise for setting the record straight. I feel supremely sorry for this poor cat.
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I saw this the other day elsewhere on the net.... I cannot believe this lady is doing that!

I have never seen this at ANY show with ANY cat, and, being a judge, I can tell you that no judge would EVER do this.

I would hope that this lady is getting a few choice words from other exhibitors!
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Just to let you know - this picture is taken from the Moscow Times. It's one of our headlines this week (you can see them on the main page). I emailed that newspaper, told them the picture was offensive and asked if they can give me the email address for that Russian association that ran the show. I'll let you know if I hear anything from them.

You can also contact them yourselves - just visit the article in the Moscow Times.
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Oh! Good, Anne!

That picture is awful, poor baby!

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