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i only eat the jelly

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My owner feeds me well (my size confirms this), but I only like eating the jelly from my food, and I feel this is slightly annoying my owner. Any suggestions?

Mr Janet
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Has your owner offered you pate? A lot of cats seems to really like jelly and gravy but are reluctant to eat the chunks. With pate-style foods, everything is blended together, so the cat can lick at the food and get food as well as gravy.
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Hi, this is Spencer, Dr. Jean's very best cat! When my mom gets that kind of food, I make her smush it all up with a fork and mix it evenly with the jelly, until it is all smooth and consistent. I guess it is hard to do, because her output of grumpy words tends to increase while she works! But I have her trained pretty well--now she usually remembers to buy only the pate' style of food!
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