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Odd behavior problem

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I have a 5 year old domestic short hair male that has some kind of weird issue. To start he is an indoor cat and have had him since he was a kitten. Recently we allowed him to go outside and when we go try to get him he hisses and scratches and will not allow us to even touch him. Inside the home he can be picked up or pet no problem but it's almost like he becomes a different animal outside. Another odd think is when he is at a window and I approach him at the screen he once again will start crying almost as if he doesn't know who I am. There is also instances where a stray comes around and he goes nuts like trying to scratch him through the glass door and forbid we approach him when that is going on because he will scratch us. Besides these circumstances above he is very friendly for the most part. Anyone ever experience any of these problems?

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What you describe is completely normal behavior. His comfort zone is inside your house. He's unfamiliar with the outside and it stresses him out. But some cats that get outside once will start to crave the outside, thus the weird crying at the windows. A stray is an enemy and he will direct his anger at anyone that comes close by.

Personally? I would stop the outside visits. He will probably behave the same way for a while but in a few months he will forget about it. One of my cats slipped outside twice and pulled the same thing on me.
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I totally agree. Your kitty so loves you and his inside home and he's absolutely on alert when faced with a new environment or an "intruder". He is being fiercely loyal to you and when you approach and he lashes out, it's not a you, per say, it's him saying "I am defending, I am king of my domain, don't interfere, this is my house!". I'd not try and change what he feels comfy with too much....
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