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Sunday! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Another nice spring day here.

Heading off in about an hour to go to a Christening which begins at 11.
Happy it's a nice day for it so we can get some outside pictures as well.
Lunch with my family afterwards.

We had a very nice get together with all the relatives last night..Some I haven't seen in a very long time..

This evening I have to do laundry (translation sit in front of the computer and grumble when I have to get up and add fabric softener, or put more cloths in)

Kitties are good all are napping on the window sill right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Nothing too exciting today...

I will be visiting the cemetery, cleaning the house, making soup, and doing some yard work.

My room still looks like a disaster and I'm sure I'll get to it eventually.
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I'm going to go run an errand. Then do some homework and housework. And I'm going to lunch with my hubby at a Chinese restaurant. They have a great Sunday buffet. He hasn't tried it yet.
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Nothing much. I'm still recovering from volunteering at the AIR SHOW yesterday, we decided to skip Church today, and my sister is thinking of coming over with donuts and a movie to watch.
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I'm cleaning this apt, then taking the 7 hour bus ride back to Port Elgin to work tomorrow!
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I was going to do more yardwork today, but my back was aching when I woke up this morning. I don't want to un-do all the benefits from my facet injections, so I'm going to wait 'til next weekend for the rest of the yard. Took Cleo outside on her leash and walked around the yard. Gosh, she loves doing that! Put the harness/leash on Lola, but she was a bit nervous outside. I'm thinking that one leash monster is probably enough!
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It's gonna be a beautiful day today, highs near 75 and sunny!! Friends are having a cook-out, going there and enjoying the get-together of about 50 friends or so. Should be fun, can't wait!!
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It is another gorgeous day here too 23 degrees and sunny with a chance of thunderstorms. I can take that chance though

I am just chillin eating some oatmeal, about to make some coffee and later I am going to go to the mall I think. Then do the dishes and take out my Spring clothing!! Might clean the bathroom too

Have a great day folks!
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I may head out to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and then go kik it with one of my best friends who owns a shaved ice business.
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Not a whole lot, John will be gone all afternoon playing paintball so I'll just be getting some cleaning done and relaxing a little bit today!
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i havn't done anything today!
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Got up and read the newspaper and did a couple loads of laundry and hung them out. I thinks its safe to wash the ski coats and put them away for fall!!

Did several hours of work in the yard and them sat out on the patio and read a bbok, had a couple glasses of sangria and got a bit sunburned!!

Now Neil just started a fire in the pit and will cook some potatoes, steak, brats and hotdogs!!
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