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Sneezing Kittens

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The three foster kittens i am taking care of have started sneezing... a lot. They are almost 9 weeks old. I have been watching them closely, everyones eating and playing and pooing. No one has runny eyes or any other sign that anything is wrong. One of the boys had a cough or gag thing going on a few days ago, but we chalked it up to a hairball as no one had started sneezing at that point and hasnt coughed since.

I only have them for two more days until i bring them back. any ideas? Should i be worried?
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Seeing as though they dont have runny eyes, I dont think you need to be worried, sounds like maybe it's just a cold, and you will want to make sure they are still eating ok (since their nose may be stuffy), colds last 7-10 days and should clear up on their own. But sometimes they lead to secondary respiratory infections (although you state they dont have goopy eyes) but it couldnt hurt to put a call into the shelter anyway.

That's one of the best parts about fostering - you have a huge network of help and resources!

Good luck and enjoy them for the days that are left!!!
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