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Help, I'm stumped

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I have so many pictures that I think would make good submissions for the "Cats Eye" contest that I can't narrow it down any further. Which one should I use?

Hobo Skimbleshanks, watching the fly on the wall;

Mischief, lounging in his "forest";

Blondie, marveling at her first real snow;

Freeway's "upside down cattywhompus bug-eyed kitten" look;

Trace's "come a little closer so I can grab the camera strap" look;

And finally, Blondie and the silly human playing with the new camera lens;
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What difficult choices! They're all great portraits, but I must like close-ups because I pick the last two.
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They are all But I think I like the last one best.
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All great, I think the last one fits the subject matter the best.
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wow! you take great photos!

and the last one would be my choice too.
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I love the one of Trace... something mesmerizing in that one... or the last one of Blondie... both excellent choices...

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I think the first one of Hobo is best - the eyes are the clearest with no flash shining on them, and no darker spots - and that face is adorable!!!!

We're not much help are we?
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I like the first one of Blondie--very striking. You don't seem to be getting much of a consensus--I guess you're too good of a photographer!
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It is so hard to choose but I loved upside down Freeway!! Not much help, are we?!!
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LOL Thanks everybody. I think I'll go with the last one, Blondie's extreme closeup. That is the picture that I was actually looking for when I found all the others.
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I was going to vote for Hobo and the upside down Freeway!
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i can see why your having a hard time deciding! i think all the picture's are wonderful, but i really like the last one hehe!
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Oh i love the blondie one,such stunning eyes
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