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Cat in labor?

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So last night and then again about ten minutes ago Zoey got up from my bed and I saw a spot about the size of a dime and it looked like it has a reddish tinge to it but it does not look like pure blood. What is this? I saw this last night on my bed as well and I know she should be do soon but is this a sign that it is going to be extremely soon? I would really appreciate any help!
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A cat will lose her mucous plug before she has her kittens. What you are seeing is parts of her mucous plug I would guess. The spotting. This can go on for about a week. But when she loses the whole plug (which you might not notice because she will groom herself) the kittens usually arrive within 24 hours.

You might want to consider confining her to one room and setting up a nesting box or two so she will have the kittens in a safe place and not behind the refrigerator or in your couch!

If she's in your room, you might hear her get restless and dig around in her litter box and nesting box just before delivery.

Good luck with their arrival! I am hope you have a stress free wait and she smooth deliveries!
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