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I'm hearing a lot of talk about litter training for kittens, and everyone's talking about non-clumping litter. Why is non-clumping litter so essential?
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The Kittens will eat Clumping Litter.
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I think it is not so much that they will eat the clumping litter, they will eat the nonclumping litter as well... i think it is more that it contains sodium bentonite (sp?) which may or may not be harmful to cats... to my knowledge it hasn't been proven conclusively... however why take that chance with sweet little babies who are prone to exploring their worlds with their mouths...
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As above, my understanding is that they'll eat well, pretty much anything, like the toddlers that they are. And clumping litter is dangerous for them to eat.

One of mine ate its first piece of non-clumping litter yesterday, lucky little doll. They've also all been licking the cinder bricks I have used to raise my desk off the floor a few inches. No clue why they are so appealing...
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I would also imagine the clumping litter could clump in their stomach and cause blockages. My babies have never really ate any litter, although I did use non clumping. They would just pick up a mouthful and then spit it back out and gag. lol
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I have also seen kittens sit in the litter, then it sticks to their behind and dries and hardens and it is really hard to get off and hurts a lot and can block them. This is an extreme case though but you get the idea.
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