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You'll be missed, Chase

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Unfortunately, despite all my best efforts, Chase passed away sometime early Tuesday morning while asleep in his bed. In those last couple of days, he started to go downhill pretty quickly. He lost what little weight he had gained back, and it was obviously time for him to go. I take some comfort from the fact he was able to pass on while home rather than having to go through the stress of visiting the vet once last time.

He was just the best cat ever as far as I am concerned, he will be greatly missed. He was loving and cuddley, friendly, and just such a good boy.

I've added a few pictures of him from better days, back when he still had some weight on him, and he was happy. That's the way I want to remember my boy.

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What a precious dear he was. Rest in peace, Chase. I know you are looking over those who loved you.
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RIP Dear Chase
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RIP Chase
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Oh Chase with that sweet sweet face, you will be missed.
Rest In Peace Sweet Baby Boy
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I am so sorry to hear this, he had the best mum though, who gave him every chance, and he will be grateful for that. RIP little one.
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I am so sorry that Chase passed despite your best efforts. RIP boy.
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I am so very sorry that your sweet little Chase lost his fight. I will say a prayer for Chase's sweet little soul and a prayer for you and your family to find peace during this difficult time.
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I`m sorry for your loss.

Rest In Peace Chase
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest In Peace Chase
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I'm so very sorry for the loss of Chase, he's a beautiful boy.
Rest In Peace, Chase
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RIP Chase

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Chase is now a free spirit watching over you.
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I am so sorry.
Your precious boy will be missed.
Be whole and happy at the Bridge Chase.
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My heart just dropped when I read about Chase. I had been thinking about him recently, wondering how he was doing, hoping no news was good news. I was going to post today to ask how things were going. When you posted on the 9th, things were looking up, Chase had gained a little weight. I was so sad to read this today...

Thank you for posting those wonderful pictures of Chase. What a handsome, adorable little guy.

I think it was a great blessing that he passed away at home, sleeping comfortably in his own bed. He was where he knew he was safe and loved.

Anyone who read through your thread about Chase knows how hard you tried to get him better. All of that effort gained some more time with Chase -priceless for you both. Chase was so fortunate to have had such a loving mom - and it's clear you were lucky as well to have had this sweet boy in your life.
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Such a handsome little in peace Chase.
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you did all you could to help him survive... & he repaid you by keeping you from having to make that hardest of decisions. for you & a for handsome Chase.
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Oh I am sooo sorry. When I saw this, my entire heart sank. I know right now how hollow, worthless words seem....I was just there.

Chase, play happily over the Rainbow Bridge with my Damita.
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RIP Chase!!

I am so sorry for your loss!!
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Thanks everyone for your kind words.. It really does mean a lot to know you all care and have been thinking of us. I know my boy is happy now, where he can play and be happy without pain or medications or vet trips to worry about.
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Oh i'm so very sorry. What a handsome little boy he is as well

Run and play with all the other TCS kitties Chase

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very sorry to hear of your loss..
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RIP Chase

Sleep Peacefully...
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I am so so sorry for your loss RIP handsome boy
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so soryy for your loss.
Rip Chase
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Condolences on your loss of Chase. Your loss is Heaven's gain; bless you for all your valiant care and love that you gave him during his too, too short time here on Earth. Play happily over RB, Chase - enjoy your reward!
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your handsome boy. Rest in Peace Chase.
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So sorry.. sleep sweetly Chase.

Lost my kitty this week too... we can cry together knowing how special they are and how dear.
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