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some ducks (photos)

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as promised more photos

and a goose with his tongue out
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Really nice pictures! I 'em!
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Brilliant pictures, what type of camera do you use?
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They are awesome shots.any swan pics?
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They are beautiful! I had a White Pekin duck named Quack who died about a month ago. He was 8 years old.
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Beautiful photos! I love the last one with the goose poking its tongue out, its so funny!
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I love your photos! Such striking colors and amazing detail!!! Thanks for sharing.
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Gorgeous ducks! Are they Wood Ducks? I am just always in awe at the beautiful colors of the mallards.

I must really be a cat person...the first thing I thought when I saw the goose is that it looks like he's about to yak up a hairball.
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yes theres some wood ducks in there.....we don't really see swans in winnipeg....maybe in the zoo but I haven't seen any around..the pelicans should be back soon if not already...
the camera is an olympus sp510 uz....
has a 10x optical zoom
lol @ the hairball...
too funny...
thanks :-)
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