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Hi Everyone!

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I'll introduce myself, my name is Melody, I'm a mum of 2 and I live in the Whitsundays, Australia. I adore animals, we have a small menagerie at our house. I have three cats, Pickles is my 5 year old tabby female, she was my very first cat. Shamus, my 18 month old tabby male and our newest addition, Medusa (Maddie) is a 6 month old Siamese female.
I'll add a picture of Maddie, I'm not sure how it'll turn out, I'm not very computer literate, but hopefully!

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Welcome, Melody!!

Hope you will like this site as much as i do .. one can find many kitty answers here!

Maddie is lovely!

My aunt (mom's sister) lives in Perth, Australia (pretty near Singapore.)


:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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Welcome to the site Melody! This place can be very addicting to the feline lover. Maddie is beautiful! I'm glad you figured out the pics so soon. They are a nemesis of many here, so you can't be too computer illiterate!
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Hi, Melody! Welcome. I have a seal point and a blue point Siamese. They're great fun and so loving. I hope to see lots more posts and pictures from you. Enjoy all the different forums!
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Thank you all for your warm welcome. I love talking about cats, my husband's not such a big fan, so it'll be great to talk here.
Maddie's a great cat, she was very shy when we first got her, but she has become a little social butterfly. I'm interested in going to a show, I've never even seen one before.
I'm trying to convince hubby to get another cat, hopefully sometime later in the year. I was looking at a Birman or maybe a Tonkinese, but I'm not sure about the pros and cons of either breed, so it'd be great if someone could tell me a little more about them.
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Hi Melody
I don't know anything at all about Birman or Tonkinese kitties... I just wanted to welcome you to the site! Maddie is a beautiful little girl. I'd love to see pictures of Pickles and Shamus as well.
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hello and welcome!
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Hello and Welcome Melody, a fellow Queenslander, I live in Cairns. Wow you are close by. Lov the pic of Maddie, she reminds me a lot of my female Burmese although Sheeba was a little darker. Hope you enjoy the site, we are a friendly bunch of people.

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what a cutie! welcome to the boards!
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Welcome,I have 5 Siamese,adults and 4 ,4week old babies!
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What a beautiful cat!!
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Beautiful kitty! Welcome.
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