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update on Gray Cat

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Hi all,
Just an update on Gray Cat. I just finished talking to the local feral TNR group. They are going to help me get Gray spayed. She mated again the beginning of the month, and she said her vet will spay even if pregnant. I'm kinda sad because I did want her babies, but I know that there are enough out there that I can help by fostering. It will be better for Gray. We will then TNR the males that are around here. They all seem to want to stay. they love the free food and cool water. They will all be released back here with us. I will enjoy everyones kittens from this site. I'll still be here, because after Gray is healthy and happy again. I'm planning on fostering an expectant mom.
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Good for you!!! Gray will be so much happier not having to worry about mating and going into season all the time.

And I bet you will love fostering! It is hard letting go sometimes, but you know there will always be more around the corner. Good luck! and we're here for you if you have any questions!
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Well done good planning,you really care about your animals which is lovely,i bet you will be a excellent foster mother! I foster for my local greyhound lurcher protection which i know is not cats but is very rewarding! Not that i can take any at the mo still waiting for my cat pooh to have her babies! seem to spend most of my day watching her belly
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