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Nighttime sleep patterns

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One of my cats insists on sleeping at the top of my head, leaving very little pillow room for me! Does anyone know why they do this? She seems to get upset when I move her over
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She's just comfortable with you, and thinks of you as a mother or sibling. When they are little kittens, the find comfort in laying close to each other
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Ah, the joys of owning cats...

Joy #329 - Waking up half suffocated because they insist on laying across your head.
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Welcome, Cynthia!

My deaf kitten, Venus, does the the same sometimes. Actually, i love : it when snuggles: so closely and affectionately... so sweet !

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Rocky use to do this and guess what, I bought another pillow :lol
But, when we brought Fluffy home, he never sleeps up there anymore....he likes her better than us now boohoo..
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Now that I have a matress pad heater, my cat wants IN the bed. He will dig in the covers until I let him in.
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My new kitten insists upon sleeping on my neck every night! He blocks my view of the tv and he practically chokes me! I don't mind though cause he will get up occasionally and turn around and put his head down and rub against my face. I know that they use their head to mark their scent which is very comforting for me. He also licks my face! YICK! LOL!
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I was curious to find out if sleeping at my head was a 'dominance' behavior but from all of your replies, it doesn't seem that way. This particular cat has trusted me since day one and it is a kick! It is great to have my cats with me during the night and I enjoy them immensly - but sometimes I feel a little sleep deprived

Another question: I bought a toy for my cats which is a bird that is tied to the end of a springy type string that you put in a doorway and the cats can jump, paw it, etc. I put it away, in the closet when I am not home for safety reasons (ie sometimes they get the string wrapped around their necks - ugh!). Now, whenever I come home, Cisco (same cat as above) runs for the closet and meows until I open the door and/or hang the bird in the doorway. It is like she is incensed/obsessed with this thing and I feel bad when I don't have time to hang it up for her to play with. Will she ever get over this behavior? She seems to play with it for awhile, then the other cat gets a turn (there is definitely a pecking order here), then she gets tired of it for some time but always returns to it. Would she be better off without it?
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