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Doing Laundry

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Well today is the first day Tom has ever seen me do laundry, and apparently he was entertained by this. He had to be right on top of the dryer as I put clothing in the washer and then on the washer as I put the clothes in the dryer, though he doesn't like the noise so he quickly left the laundry room. Anyone else have cats that have to watch you do laundry?
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My cat Wiggies is very helpful when I hang out the clean laundry. He likes to sit in the nice warm basket and get his cat hair all over everything. Then he likes to lie on top of the laundry tower or hide in the tent I make for him out of sheets.
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Lucy is always downstairs when I'm doing laundry. Either she is watching or she wants me to hold her while I sort (we've compromised on the not being held while I fold laundry).
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Laundry is well, more of a chore than it ever was! I have 2 Rexes that hear the dryer door open and they're right there. Bonnie gets right in the dryer and lays on all the clothes while Bob likes it when the undies and socks fall on the floor so he can lay on them. Bob also loves getting into the basket of folded clothes for a bath.

My laundry closet is upstairs on my two story, so there is a banister I use for laying the clothes over before I get the hangers. (some clothes are folded while some are hung up). Bonnie gets on top of the banister and sits on the clothes.

This is Bob in a basket: (battery died on camera and reset the date, that's how old my camera is LOLOL)

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