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A day when everything goes wrong..

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And it started yesterday.

Lets see first it was the grill. Only half my coals fired up so instead of taking 2 hours to cook 2 whole chickens it took over four hours. (btw look up beer can chicken ya'll it is great).

Then my cd drive went on the fritz. The top one won't open and it won't read anything on the bottom. I am hoping the bottom one is just not connected.

Fell asleep on the couch and slept there all night by myself.

Got up in the morning with a back ache from the couch.

Both of the husbands computers did not wanna work right for me.

Went to town kids decided to throw stuff out the window. Pulled over and give the kids a stern talking to (read that as chewed them off for littering). Get out and pick up what they threw outside.

Then decided while in town to stop by the shop and get me some more CBRs 16g. Well the owner (a friend) was outside so I did not need to go in and more importantly the kids could stay in the car (I was right beside it). Told him what I need in what size and how many. Get them and come home. Well get home and get ready to put them in. They are 18g. Its either that or the boy gave me a 14g last time and these are 16g. Either way now I have to go back to town and exchange at least one of them. I might exchange the other for a circular barbell I ain't sure yet. BTW I am stretching my piercings thats why an 18g does me no good thats like a regular earring.

3 my supper is not defrosted.

And last but not least my computer keeps freezing up.

What next....
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Ah yes, I've had a many cursed days. I hope everything starts getting better for you.
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Well everything else is still the same. But I can update the earring thing. I went back up to the shop and talked with the owner and what not. He did give me 16g like I asked for but the reason they looked so different it because the other day when I went and picked one up the shop manager 14g. I was like no wonder they were so tight when I put them in I jumped from a 18g straight to a 14g I missed the whole 16g step. So I exchanged one 16g for a 14g so my bottom holes look even. So my bottom holes will be 14g and for now the others will be 16g. I have to get 3 more 16g to fill the other holes then go up to a 14g.
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Hope that the rest of the weekend improves
BTW, kudos to you for not letting the kids litter - I wish more parents showed such commitment to raising their children
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My rom drives will do that sometimes, usually restarting fixes it. If not, it may be time to check cables and do a bit of spring cleaning - which I hate doing, computers get so dusty!

You probably had a knotted muscle in your back. Did that work itself out and get to feeling better? If not, I think you're entitled to a nice long relaxing soak.

I was worried yesterday was going to be a complete loss. I got up early to go to physical therapy, ending up barely being on time... until Sho barfed all over the bed. I had to hurry and clean that up before it could soak into the mattress topper below. I was 15 minutes late... luckily the physical therapist thought that was hilarious.

Note - Sho's healthy, he just decided to eat too fast then run around with a full belly.

Today DH and I had stuff planned but after eating lunch I ended up with extreme GI pain that lasted for four hours (the pain is still slightly there, I'm not eating a single bite of food until tomorrow...) - we had to miss the company bowling and catering event.
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