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So when did you know?

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When did you know that no matter what happened you and your cat(s) were bonded for life.

I was playing FFXI(very addicting by the way) and Tomnus came up and fell asleep right on my hand that I was using to click the mouse. Thats when I knew we would be together forever. he stayed sound asleep there for about an hour before I finally got fed up and had to move him(that game requires a lot of clicking). Two minutes later he was back and after about 3 more minutes he was asleep again, this time purring loudly. I couldn't move him again so I quit playing and started doing my homework instead(thank god I use my other hand to write). Its times like that when I don't mind being a math major, its a lot of one handed work and actually I find I think better when I have a cat to kind of distract me sometimes.
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Well I have always loved cats, so I knew that owning them, meant I would be there for them their entire life. However when Aurora, one of our domestic cats, cuddles with me every night right under my chin, I knew we were bonded. When my bobcats speak to me in their loving bobcat chatty voice and look at me with those eyes, I know we are bonded. Or when Carmelo puts his huge paws around me, purrs his heart out and grooms me until it hurts, I know we are bonded forever. Of course no matter what they do, I love cats and will always be bonded to them
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When I walk away after petting them and they reach out and grab my leg (or arm) to pull me back over to them.
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When I wake up out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night and find my self cuddeling with Sugar. She's sleeping too and purring.
Then I'll smile, close my eyes and fall back alseep.
It's a great feeling.
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When Peekaboo started sleeping cuddled up to me. Always either the top of my head or with his head resting on my stomach. And when I would just walk in the door and he would hear my footsteps and come running at full speed through the hallway with this beautiful, purring, musical meow. I just knew there was nothing in the world that could take him away from me.
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the first time chloe climbed in my lap
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I also knew that we had hit it off when Tom started to sleep between my legs. I hate when he does this because i don't like sleeping on my back and he always sleeps on top of the blankets I'm under so it makes rolling over really hard. But the fact that he gets that close almost makes it worth the pain of sleeping on my back...almost...lol. Actually 9/10 times I don't even move him I just put up with it and he has to put up with my snoring.
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When I get any new animal, I know then and there on the spot. I have a commitment to them and a responsibility to care for them and keep them for life.
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