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Yep. We bought gas yesterday afternoon. Regular was 123.9 a litre = 4.65 a gallon. I was actually happy to see 123.9, as it had been 126.4 at the same station earlier in the day.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Have you seen that the Prius has an "environmental cost" of almost $4 per mile, more than twice that of a Hummer? Most of it is involved in the extraction, shipping, processing, and recycling of the nickel in the batteries, which is a very dirty operation.
You may want to do some research on that "fact". The so called research that went into that was bogus. Those figures were based on the lifetime of the vehicle - and said that a Hummer's lifetime is 300,000 miles, and a Prius' is only 100,000 miles! The article was never peer reviewed, yet all the news outlets picked it up, and just quoted that environmental cost figure without giving any of the one sided information that went into that figure.

There is no way a gas guzzling Hummer would be more environmentally friendly than a Prius.

More about it here - http://www.thecarconnection.com/Auto...2220.html?pg=4
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Crazy... It's reached $4/gallon for regular unleaded here. When we first moved here 2 years ago, it was about $2.20/gallon - it's almost doubled in 2 years!

What was it last time you were here Sarah? It now reaches sometimes up to 1.49/1.50!! It's getting ridiculous!
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I know!! It was about $1.40/litre when we were there at Christmas. Even Brissie which was always cheaper was about the same price as everywhere else.
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I'm really nervous about these gas prices. They're out of control. Before they said it was because we were using too much. Now they're saying we've cut back too much. It's all just excuses as far as I can see. These prices are going to cripple me though. I won't be able to do anything but go to work and come home.
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10 cents in 4 months!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Brisbane doesn't need as much petrol anyway, they're all slow drivers, use up less Well that was my uncles explanation when i went up for my 21st. He is from Melb originally, is back here now but he lived there for many years, and i think it's just that he drives too fast and is impatient. I just think Brissy is more relaxed than us. You have to be with 30c+ and something like 90% humidity in Summer! *falls over*
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It's $3.49 here right now ... went up 20 cents in about a day. Unreal. Luckily our car gets 30mpg and Rob & I carpool to save on gas (and therefore also only have to insure one car).

We do go on a lot of roadtrips though, so it may make a dent in our wallets in August when we drive to Maine from South Carolina, then in 2010 when we drive from South Carolina to Colorado. Even when we went on our cruise, there was a $35/person fuel surcharge that was started 2/1/08.

We try not to let it get to us though - there's nothing we can do about it. We have to drive to work regardless of how much it costs ... we cant walk 25 miles each way daily, and there's really no jobs that pay anywhere close to what we make now nearby our house.
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