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Help! My new cat is being mean to my old cat!

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Well i decided to get a second cat because my other cat was lonely. I have had my original cat for about a year and he is a little shy but not timid, very affectionate and is a male, yes he is neutered. So anyway I went to the pound and got another male cat. He is neutered as well but he seems extremely playful and hyperactive. They are both about the same size.

The problem is while my original cat is very receptive to the new cat and acts like he wants to be friends, the new cat stares at him anytime they are in the same room and stalks him every where he goes. Sometimes they can have friendly confrontations but most of the time anytime they are within 2 feet of eachother the new cat trys to bully my original cat into a hiding place...
He also trys to police the food bowl and the litter box. There havent been any claws yet but so far every time he sees will my original cat he stalks him down into a staredown/yowling match..

I tryed to bring him back to the pound this morning after he cornered him and yowled but lucky for him they were closed today. So i've decided to give this cat one more day to prove me otherwise.

Right now i have them seperated and Im getting very discouraged...Any advice?
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How long have you had the new cat? It may take several weeks or even months before they are completely adjusted, and there may be some pretty vigorous tussles in the meantime. If your older cat is really unhappy about it, he will cuff the younger one around.

There are threads on here about how to introduce a new cat, and the trick is sloooooooooooowwwwwwllllly. If you brought the new cat in the house and let him out immediately, it will take a little longer to let them adjust.
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Hi, I have 3 cats and the youngest is the boss. He does bully the other 2 quite abit, chases them and bites them. He is also boss of the food bowls and litter boxes. Before I got him my eldest cat was the boss and used fight my other cat and kick her off the chair when she was asleep. In my experience there is always a dominant cat if you have more than one, I personally think all my cats would prefer to be an only cat, they don't need each others company. They do tolerate each other most of the time though. I think things would probably work out with your cats but it will take time. Cats are very territorial, whenever I get a new cat things go crazy for a few weeks until theyv'e sorted themselves out. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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I am sure things will work out if you take your introductions very slowly, I had two females and introuduced an older cat, it took about a month for me until they all accepted each other, I just kept shuffling them from room to room, now nine months later they are all best friends.
Good luck I hope all turns out well for you.
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Don't take him back just yet, what he's doing is very normal. Not all cats will just get along right from the start, many people keep them separated for a while.

A couple of threads about introducing cats
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How long have you had them?
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well they are getting along fine now! I appreciate the support it just took a week and now they are friends. The timid cat has gotten a little more brave and now when the new cat (bart) stalks him he fights back and it turns into play...

thanks again!
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That's kind of the way it went with Sterling when we got him. Punkin wasn't too impressed with him, and Sterling wanted to play. Now they do the "streak through the house" act several times a day, and end up wrestling around on the floor. I'd be worried about it, except that I have seen both of them start it.
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