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When it's time

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I was just curious as to what everyone has done or will do when their kitties go to the RB. I've been mulling the options around in my head for quite some time now. I definitely know I want Popsie cremated. I can't seem to come to a decision on what to do with his ashes though. I've thought about planting them with a beautiful tree or rose bush. The thing about that is, if DH and I would ever move I'd have to leave Popsies ashes behind. I've also thought about keeping a small bit of his ashes in a keepsake urn. I do want to have a ceramic of his paw print made. Just recently I've thought about having a memorial plaque made and then planting tulips in a heart shape, putting the plaque in the center. There are just so many options my head is spinning. I can't even imagine trying to make a decision on his final day. I wouldn't even be able to think strait.
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We have a place in our yard, under two big trees, where most of our pets are buried when they pass. Last year, one of our dogs passed away and we actually buried him back where we keep all of the cars, so that he would be close to us while we worked on the cars... like he always was when he was alive.
I have already decided that when my German Shepherd, Thunder, passes away that I will have him cremated. Sounds odd, but I want to be able to take him with me even if we move someday.
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We buried Smudge (our old cat) in the garden in her own special corner. We'll be doing that with Beauty as well.
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To tell you the truth, I cannot even think about that. Too, too hard for me.
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Originally Posted by lisalee View Post
To tell you the truth, I cannot even think about that. Too, too hard for me.
I agree, it's very hard to think about. For me though, I'd rather have most the decisions made before the final day than have to think about it all when the day comes.
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I made a Mistake with Patches. She got very sick and died at the Er Vet. It was so sudden and it was Crf. It was on Thanksgiving Nov 26 1998. i had her Put in Bubbling Brooks with is nice but I didnt relize her ashes are buried with other Cats. I would have wanted only her there. Stripe we knew would die because it was Crf. I have her Ashes here in a Cedar Box. She was Pts at the Er Vet. Lucy died in teh Truck on the way to the Er Vet and I had her Cremated too. She is in a Cedar Box too. Yoshi and Stormy were Pts at my Vet. I had them Cremated and they came back in Velvet Bags. I have them all together in the closet right now. I just can not deal seeing the Bags of the 2 I lost within the last 6 Months. My other Cats are Buried in my Dads yard.
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It`s not something I wanted to think about until I got Maisie when I was kind of forced to think about the options.

I`ve chosen a spot in the garden that is unlikely to be disturbed and I will bury them there when the time comes if I`m still living here. it`s a good spot as it`s just above my bedroom window. Kittys stomping ground and what Maisie can see from her window.
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Mouse's body was disposed of by the vet... i've regretted not asking for her ashes, tho [they cremate]. however, i decided, since i didn't have them, that a memorial sculpture was a good way to remember her. Renovia made it for me from a pic of Mouse's favorite sleeping position. here's a link so you can see it: Catnap II
Mouse's is gray, like she was.
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I don't even want to go there so i'll cross that bridge when it happens
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I can't get my head round cremation, so mine are left at hte vet - apart from 3. The first one, I had no idea of things, so brought her home to bury, as i did with the second cat - then I realised there was no space for anymore. Ginger died unexpectedly on the street, and he had spent most of his time near where my parent's live, so he is buried on my stepdads allotment, as that is the area he spent the majority of his life.
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Jack I cremated....Damita I buried. I only had Jack cremated because I had no way to bury him & he was so big to get home.....I deeply regret that....I hated leaving his body at the vet's.
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The only kitty I've lost so far is my sweet tuxedo boy, Willy, who is buried in the garden at our convent. I wanted him to be some place special that will always be part of my life. I don't like to think about losing the others, but have decided that I'll them cremated and either bury or scatter their ashes in the convent garden.
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I burried both my dog and my cat. They were both with me for over 15 years and when I moved I felt absolutely terrible about leaving them behind. I dont know what I'll do when the time comes again : (
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