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ok ill cut a long story short a while ago i had a dog that my dad looked after while my mum and i moved house.... hes fiance didnt like her and made him get rid of her....
the dog had been passed from pillar too post before we got her we only saw it fair we left her with her new owners....
but after going through so much with this dog she was like my sister.....
today i have finally decided too let go and realise i wont see her again..

so jess may all the times we spent together lay too rest be happy where you are baby girl....
it hurts so bad without you!
love you still
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Awww that's sad, it must have been a very heartbreaking decision for you.
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thankyou it still hurts now..
she was a fabulous dog and could do anything for you
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So sorry about the dog.
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aww hunni, am sooo sorry!
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a really hard decision...
I´m so sorry my friend....
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Aww what a tough decision So sorry to hear about the dog...
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Rest In Piece girl!
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