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I have a new puppy

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We picked her up 10 days ago. Her name is Tilba, a 13 week old Border Collie. She's gorgeous, but extremely naughty. I don't remember our other dogs like that when they were puppies. Mind you that was 15 & 7.5 years ago. She's a real little cutie & smart as a tack.

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She sure is a cute little critter
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saw her pic on another one of your threads, she's gorgeous!
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OMG Ive wanted a collie since my dad got rid of my other one such clever dogs!
wow! shes a stunner: love:
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OMG!!! She's adorable... and she 's going to try to herd your

Not kidding about that BTW!!!! She's a working breed and that's hard wired into her brain.
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She is adorable!!!!!!! I've always loved Border Collies - there's no way I could keep up with them, though! Congrats on your new baby.
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Awww... what a doll!!
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Awwwww, she is soooo cute!
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Oh my goodness!!!!! SOOOOOOOO cute!

My cousin has a border collie and it's THE smartest dog I have ever met! She will tell it to go get a specific toy, she'll get it and then my cousin will say put your (specific toy) away! And the dog does it!!! It's better than any kid I know!
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Is she working lines? If so, be prepared for a very energetic and busy dog. Border collies are one of those breeds that MUST have a job or they go batty. She is very cute.
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The only dog I've ever had was a border collie. You're right about smart; it took us 15 minutes to train her to stay out of the street, and after that, you couldn't drag her into the street.
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What a DOLL! Keep that pup busy, though, or she'll find her own ways to amuse herself. While it may make for humorous stories about 5 years later, it usually isn't so funny when it happens.
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