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Table pouncing

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I'm not sure how to handle this.

I have a glass dining room table that has a pad and a table cloth on it. When I sit and try working on my laptop the cats decide it's time to play. They jump from chair to chair, digging into my legs as they pass. They do this so bad I end up leaving the table.

It's to the point now that I'm going out today to buy a desk and a chair. But there has to be a way to curb this.

It's also a problem that they CONSTANTLY walk onto the coffee table and sit on my laptops. I have two on the coffee table all the time. It was cute at first but it's VERY annoying now. The keys will beep loudly and they don't know that it's because they're sitting there so they ignore it.

I'm really getting frustrated with this. How can I stop these two events? Anyone got a clue? I've tried a flick on the nose and a stern 'No' then when I put them down they immediately go right back. Even if I continue and do this over and over and over again they will not stop.
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Our cats are both OBSESSED with lying on keyboards too. We have 2 laptops and 2 PCs running near enough all day long and they bounce between keyboards to try and find one to sit on. Id love an answer to this too, but I suspect shutting the cats in another room while you work, or swinging a Da bird while you're on the computer may be the solution. Usually I have Da bird on the go so they leave my hands/keyboard alone
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I call my laptop a cat-top They like it because it's warm and also I think they want to know what I'm looking at - like when I read a book they get in the way.

I'd just shut them out of the room if it's a real problem.
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Mine do this all the time, sorry i am of no help, I have just accepted it now, they are just curious.
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