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This has been one very stressful week

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My father is very high up in a company, and he helped me get an interview for a job that I had just gotten out of school for. I went in for the interview last tuesday and everything went great. They said that they were going to hire me, and that all I needed to do was pass a drug test that afternoon (which wasn't a problem for me since I am against drug use). They wanted me to start the next day, which was going to be awsome since my boyfriend just lost his job and we're desperate for money) Anyways, they called me back later that day and told me that my drug test had come back positive for THC! I was so upset and told them that I have never done drugs(I don't even drink). They said that they believed me, but that they had to follow procedure, which I completely understand). They decided to send it away to the lab for better testing, but that it would take at least a week or two(time that I didn't have). Since my father is so high up, he managed get them to put a rush on it. It came back a few days later and the doctor called and told me that their was high levels of THC in my urine. I was shocked and told him that that was impossible, that I don't do drugs. He pretty much told me that I was a lier and said that I would have had to either smoked some drugs a few days before the test, or I would have had to been a chronic drug user for the past few months.
I was just devastated since I was innocent and really needed this job. They said that the tests were never wrong and that there was nothing they could do. My father finally got them to do another drug test(this is a few days after the first one). I went in, and guess what? It came back NEGATIVE! The people high up in the company are very mad. They think that someone must have switched the urine samples. They've decided to do an investigation into the company to see what happened. And they're wondering how many other innocent people they've turned away because of something like this.
I've been so stressed out the last week. I was crying every day wondering how this could have happened. I'm just so glad that I was able to take that second test, but what bothers me is that if my father wasn't who he is, I would have never gotten this job, because they never would have done a retest.
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That is frightening that things like this happen. I'm glad it worked out for you but sympathize with those who suffered unnecessarily.
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That kind of stuff always worries me. Obviously, the lab the company is using doesn't have very good controls. I hope this all gets resolved in your favor.

I knew a guy who went for a job interview - he ate a lemon poppyseed muffin for breakfast and tested positive for opiates! They asked him... did you eat anything with poppyseeds in it... yes, he said.. So they retested and he came out clean. He didn't take the job, tho'.
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That's the classic nightmare, the one that has caused a lot of people to oppose drug-testing. I still support it, but I feel there should be an automatic review and retest before positives are reported to the prospective employer. And it's absurd for them to claim that the tests are "never wrong!" Sheesh.

Very glad you got it straightened out!
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That must have been stressful - I'm glad it came out right in the end.

if there is an upside to this, at least your Dad was able to do something about this because it happened to you and it might mean that better checking procedures are put in place to stop it happening to others.
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Oh I'd be beyond upset!!!!! I'm glad it worked out for you, and I hope they do something so it doesn't happen to other people in the future!!!
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There are certain over the counter drugs that will give you a false positive drug test result. They used to ask you what kind of medicine you have taken in the past so many days. Maybe that could be the problem.

Or it could be a mix up in the urine samples.
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wow, that is very stressful! How horrible. I am glad you stuck with it and got cleared!
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