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stray cat in need of adoption, GA area

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Hi, new here.

We have had this stray in our apartment complex since we moved here in June of 2001. As a last resort, I'll take him in, but would rather attempt to find him a good home first, as I already have 3 cats, also rescues. He is super sweet, a real mush, and loves people. We began to feed him last year. A few weeks ago, we moved into a larger, newer apartment within the same complex. He found us. I feel he deserves a better life. Today he greeted me at my door soaking wet and shivering from the rain. I gave him some food and took him to my work, a vet's office. I had him felv/fiv tested, gave him his Rabies, distemper and leukemia vaccines. He was heartworm tested and dewormed also. Today he had a bath because he was nasty dirty, and had fleas. He will be given frontline tomorrow, and will be neutered. Amazingly enough, he is healthy, a good weight, and his tests are negative! The vet estimates him to be about 4 years old. He is a DSH, black and white tuxedo with a white tip on his tail.

I live in Lawrenceville, GA and am willing to drive to meet someone. Can someone please help? I really want the best for this guy. Please respond asap or e-mail me at dkhein@charter.net

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kris, How kind of you to take care of him. I so hope you find a very special home for him. He sounds like such a great pet for someone.
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Hi Kris-

I have a few contacts in Savannah. I will get back with you after I send them a quick email.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a post from a member who wanted to adopt a cat who is from Georgia? I'll do some more research and let ya know what I find.
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Here is the link to the other thread:http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=16385
Maybe you could contact this member and see if they'd be willing to adopt this stray?

Just thought I'd try to help you on your search for a new home for the stray!
Good luck!
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Kris, Please let us know when you find a home for this special cat!
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Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it. Rest assured this cat will not be going back out on the streets, even if I have to keep him. If I didn't already have 3 cats, there wouldn't be any hesitation. Not that I coudn't give him the proper care he needs, I'm just getting up there in cat numbers. So I want to try to find him a nice home first. I'm going to be picky as to who he goes to, as I believe he's been through enough, and deserves only the best.

The link you provided me says this person is looking for a purebred because of her husband. It was a bit discouraging. Maybe I'll write to her though.

Just in case, any advice on introducing adult cats to adult cats?
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Here is an article about that subject- and my contacts are full up with cats also- sorry- :

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Hi and welcome, Kristin!

i was wondering if your local SPCA could help you out with a good home?

Thanks for taking care of the kitty... it is so sweet of you, Kristin!

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One of my friends swears by tuna fish oil. After some preparation, when the kitties are ready to meet face to face, she 'annoints' each cat on the top of it's head with oil. That way they both smell the same (yummy!) to each other.

This is after she has introduced them to each other's scent via paper towels.

I like to put them on either side of a door with a long toy that will slide under the door...then they can both play with it. Eventually when they meet I try to do the same thing. I use a leash...each of them gets one end and they love pulling it back and forth! this way they are more focused on the toy, but still aware of the other cat. Eventually they notice the other cat isn't trying to kill them and they are fine. This has only failed with one cat...and she had severe anxiety...I should have taken it slower with her.

Let us know how it's going!
Thanks for being this boy's angel!
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Thanks for the tip! I think that will help all of us.
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Meezer- try this one next time. Take two toys and a long piece of string. Tie one toy to each end snugly. Put one toy in the room where the new kitty is, run the string along the floor, out the door, shut the door. Now you have two tempting toys that really can't do anywhere. It is a great icebreaker for two cats, and eventually when they play tug a war and pull, they meet by the crack in the door and sniff each other playfully. It works great!
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Hissy, you really know your stuff!! You really helped me when I was trying to introduce my feral rescue female to my tough old resident male cat!! Your article was right on the money! Thank you. It took about two weeks of slowly bringing them together but now they are buddies. This is like a miracle as my resident cat did nothing but growl and hiss when we first brought the rescue in. Peace now reigns in my home!
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