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Angry kitty...

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I have a three year old cat that i am starting to worry about. He has always been a bit on the aggressive side--i.e. swatting me in my sleep. He is neutered and a few months ago started showing interest in going outside. Our apartment complex has a huge cat colony outside and he has been interested in looking at the other cats, so we started to figure he may be getting lonely. We decided to adopt a kitten instead of an older cat since he is so dominate. The first couple of days he wanted nothing to do with the kitten but now he has started to play with her, but is getting extremely rough.
She goes to play with him and then he eventually gets to the point where he either swats her really hard or bites her at her neck and cradles her and kicks her with his hind legs.
I thought him having a friend while we were at work would make him a happier kitty in the long run but now i am worried it may not have been a good idea. What do I do I am starting to wonder if my cat was not just very happy in the first place.
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Maybe a bit frustrated being inside, but not angry. He is just rough at play. I am concerned for the kitten though. She will learn to handle him as she grows older and bigger. Now just keep an eye on her as they interact.
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