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Hi everyone,
I have a black cat, she was rescued from the Anchorage AC back in 2005, she is currently 4 years old and a sweet heart. However, ever since one of my girls (domestic Russian Siberians) came back from stud, she has just been attacking her (they are currently separated). She also attacks our two other rescue cats as of late. She has decided she doesn't like living with her counterparts who all otherwise get along, sleep together and play together.
I took her to the vet (she has her claws, is spayed, FIV/FeLV negative and in good condition otherwise) and they can't find anything wrong with her. She is a domestic black solid shorthair.
I have tried introducing them slowly, my black girl attacks yet again. Its not a bloody attack but a snappy chase my girl (being attacked) away from the litter pan and so forth with claws.
I have no desire to rehome my girl but for her best interest and my other cats, keeping in mind I drove her all the way from AK to OH a year ago when I got out of the Air force. However, I am in a situation where my girl needs to find a new home where she can be spoiled rotten. She is good with children, 1 other cat with intro should be okay, but not dogs.
I am only asking for a good home for her. I really want her to be happy. She is a purring happy girl but not with my gang here. I will not put her in a shelter and will keep her as long as needed, but ultimately would like to rehome this girl and would pay to ship her to a new home if it was the right one. She is indoor only and will not be declawed.
Hope this is the right place to post this but I have tried posting other places and talking to friends and I keep getting they want to declaw or let her outside, I just won't work with that either.
Thanks, any ideas, help or thoughts are greatly appreciated.