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Too much bad news...

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Hi, I haven't been on the site for a while - I've been enjoying two crazy not-so-kitten-size-anymore cats and a wonderful 15 1/2 year old cat who has recovered nicely from surgery last spring (stones removed from urinary tract). All was well until this week. I brought Ophelia (the 15 1/2 year old) in for her routine check-up last week and she seemed to be acting normal. She got her rabies booster and the vet took blood for routine tests. I got the news on Wednesday that she is in early stage kidney failure and has hyperthyroidism. I could actually handle that news since she has always been so resilient, but she stopped eating later that day and has not been urinating much.

I brought her to another vet today (mine, unfortunately, is on vacation until Monday) and they took x-rays and gave her sub-q fluids because she was dehydrated. She absorbed the fluids quickly. They also gave her something to calm her stomach. The x-rays showed more issues: kidney stones and calcification at the base of the urethra (perhaps why she cannot urinate). According to the doc, her bladder was not full enough to worry but, if she does not urinate by the morning, I have to bring her in again.

Again, I could actually handle this too. I brought her home and she actually ate a little wet food mixed with water - a good sign. But since then, she has become increasingly lethargic, won't eat anymore, won't urinate. She is still loving, friendly, and purring but I am getting more and more worried, even though I am trying to stay positive.

The vet wants a call from me first thing in the morning for an update, and I have a follow up with my regular vet on Monday. Most likely, she will need to have her bladder expelled tomorrow - it does make me a little nervous that it won't be her regular doc but she certainly can't wait.

I'm not really looking for any answers, just needing to talk. I want to hang out with her but I'm feeling so sad and afraid and don't want her to react to my emotions. She, like so many of our wonderful companions, are very sensitive to us and our feelings. Thanks to all who have listened.
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AWWW, it is so tough to see them sick. I think she will be glad for your company and cuddles anyway. Good luck with her!
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My 16 old Cat has had Bladder Stones and Infections. I know it is hard with older Cats. Is it Bladder Stones are Kidney Stones she has. Yoshi had Kidney and I lost him Jan 11. The vet said there were at least 10 in each Kidney. Cocos Bladder Stones are gone. she had S/D to get rid of them and it worked. It may not be safe for you to wait until Monday. I am here if you ever need to talk. They thought Yoshi had Dry Fip too. Did you cat get any Meds?
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and a prayer
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Thanks all of you. Since you all seem to "get it" when it comes to our animals, you will probably chuckle when I tell you that Ophelia's favorite place to hang out is in our attic (old house, huge walk-in, unfinished). She has her own food, water, bed,'s her place to escape from the other two cats (and dog). So she hung out there all night and, since I didn't want her to be alone, so did I. Grabbed a sleeping bag and curled up on the floor. My joints are not too happy this morning, but I did wake up to find that she had eaten her dinner and was asking for breakfast. All good signs... but still nothing in the litterbox. I call the vet in an hour and will most likely bring her in to have her bladder expelled.

No meds yet - waiting to talk to her original doc on Monday and show him the x-rays. I also have an appointment in weeks with our other doc, a holistic vet about 2 hours away. It's sometimes a little confusing with all the different doctors, but I do think we're really lucky to have so many wonderful people to help our animals. We have more docs for them than we do for ourselves!

So, she's definitely more lively this morning - just wish she'd pee!! I brought up a towel and rubbed some of her old litter on it in case she finds it more comfortable....
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I hope she Pees soon. Its hard when they get old. Let us know how it goes.
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oh yes, completely understand the sleeping in the attic thing! we do what we can whether our animals are sick or healthy!

i hope she pees soon. sending lots of peeing for your little girl!
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I hope see pees for you soon!
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Yea!! She did pee for me!! Never thought I'd be so excited about a soaking wet towel....
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Aww, I am glad you got her to wee. I have spent quite a few nights sleeping on the floor to be with cats.
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Originally Posted by Teiga View Post
Yea!! She did pee for me!! Never thought I'd be so excited about a soaking wet towel....
There is a sign of a true cat lover. I hope she gets better and that your vets have some tricks up their sleeves to help.
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Now Ophelia, quit worrying your mommy and drink and pee for her please. I know how scary this is - I'm going through similar issues with Ruth right now. Send good vibes and purrs your way
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