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breeding unknowns

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Hi all! I'm new here. I rescued a little sealpoint kitten from a client that comes to the vet office i work at about 6 months ago. her name is Fiona and she is gorgeous! unfortunately we're really not sure what she is exactly. she resembles more of the siamese being very thin and lanky but doesn't have the facial features of them. there is a guy who has a male cat that i am interested in breeding her to but i don't know what all he is either. he's longhaired and is an orange seal point (if that is what you call the color). he's gorgeous also. i was wondering if this would be a safe breeding and if we would get nice looking kittens? her size does concern me a little but as i said i do work at a vet office and my dad is one as well. i can post pics if needed. i do need some suggestions though! thanks!
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Personally I don't really approve of breeding unknowns just to get pretty kittens. There's so many out there already in need of homes.
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Unless you have papers and these cats are purebred and quality cats, they should NOT be bred together. Granted there are far too many pretty cats out there, we really don't need more bred on purpose.

The best thing to do is spay her and neuter him. Please don't bring in more mixed kittens in this world; unless:

1. You plan on spaying and neutering their kittens before you place them.

2. Have mom and dad tested for any genetic problems and FELV/FIP.

3. Keeping the kittens till they are a minimum of 10-12 weeks old (and still spay/neuter)

4. Writing up a contract for the owner.

5. Be willing to take back any of the kittens if the owners cannot keep them.

If you cannot do the above, spay/neuter now and adopt another cute cat if you want more
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I agree with them. ALL kittens are cute, but there are WAY too many cats with no homes. Unless you have a papered purebred I think breeding is an irresponsible move. One of our cats is something like a lynx point with the most pale blue eyes I've ever seen on a kitten. He's just gorgeous, but he's just a regular Domestic Shorthair. His mom was a black and white cat that came into the shelter with a litter of four kittens (1 black and white, and 2 calico, all green/gold eyes). I'm sure that he'd have made some beautiful kittens with the right female, but I felt really good knowing that he wasn't going to be contributing to over population.

If you are set on having her bred, GoldenKitty's list is exactly what I would tell you is a must.
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Originally Posted by fionas_mom View Post
i was wondering if this would be a safe breeding and if we would get nice looking kittens? her size does concern me a little
This is not a safe breeding. You have no idea on what genetics she or he carries. You could very well unknowingly breed some terrible disease. Are you willing to take that chance?

Also by not knowing their genetics will make it difficult to tell what the kittens will look like. Another chance you will take. What if you don't get the pretty kittens you desire?

Plus breeding non-pedigreed is very irresponsible. Millions of cats are euthanized in our country from cat overpopulation. Breeding should be left to the breeders who have knowledge to preserve and improve their chosen breed. Do you knowingly want to be irresponsible and add to the millions of random bred cats that don't have enough homes?

The only responsible thing to do is for both cats be spayed/neutered.
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